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Sims 3 Stories

The index below is sorted by World, with the most recent stories at the top; I have also made an Index by Sim.




The New Ghostbuster

The Clouseau Institute

Lister and Lights

More London

London Dwarf



Lucky Palms

Garibaldi and Deng Wang

Thunder's Holiday Snaps

Of the Clouseau and the Bawl families

Rattlesnake Ridge

Fit the First


Isla Paradiso

T'Resa and Brandt Lights in Paradise

Time, Shells and Soulstones



Barmy Bay



Kreeh Peeh Kreek

The curious Investigator

Midnight Hollow

Curious-Lights in Midnight Hollow

Lunar Lakes

To Be Young

Umay in Lunar Lakes, continued

More Umay


Autumn Update

School and Dancing

The Abbé's House

Angie alone


Morten's New Old House

They're from Barcelona!

Starlight Shores

Tragedy in Shang Simla

Lights in SS 7 8

Lights in China

Lights in SS 5

From Starlight Shores to France

TitaI Lights and family in Starlight Shores 2 3

Wild Palms

More of Jezzer

The Gas Station

Sunset at Sunrise

The Race

Separating Craigs and Oona Goes Wild

Craigs in Wild Palms

Great Bear

Once again McDark

The O'Dourkes

Manuelita Garcia

More of Bert

The Rakenface McDark Sisters and Bert Labum

Isla Paradiso

Jessica Minh and the twins

The Wedding of the Year (in IP)

More Paradise

Anon in Paradise

From Al-Medina to IP



The Craigs Return (to Uni)

Jezzer's Vacation


The Klostermanns

Jezzer's University Journal Term 1

The Craigs

Acadia - Burble and Jezzer


Post-Rage Bridgeport

Further Infestation

The Funkes Underground

The Littlers in the Watchtower

The Sad Tale of Matilda Smart

Manu Valley

Encounters in Manu Valley

The Big House

Spock in Manu Valley


Samples and Pescadoes

Two Babies!

All the Leaves are Brown

The Pertwee Boys

Catching up. Pertwees, Gotti, Pescado, Grammy and Takahashi

Al Medina

The Royal Family of Al Medina

Tita and Vidcund Curious-Lights and Family 1 and 2


Chronicles of Arkham 12: The End

Chronicles of Arkham 11: Back to Jeromy

Chronicles of Arkham 10: Two Weddings and a Baby

Chronicles of Arkham 9: Winter

Chronicles of Arkham 8: Daniel

Chronicles of Arkham 7: A New Crop

Chronicles of Arkham 6: Jeromy and Charles

Chronicles of Arkham 5: Jeromy Update

Chronicles of Arkham 4: of Good and Evil

Chronicles of Arkham 3: Daniel Trujillo and 408 Lovecraft Lane

Chronicles of Arkham 2: Cheesy Puffs

Chronicles of Arkham 1: Jeromy Craig in Arkham


Isla Paradiso

Back to the Kewians


Brain Enhancement

The Incident

Hearts and Flowers

Dee Lite's New House

More of the Kewians

More Kewians in IP

HFO Sponsored Students

The Kewians in Isla Paradiso

Hunter in IP

Immigrants to IP

Bob and Betty Newbie


Al Medina

Tita and Vidcund Curious-Lights and Family


Bonkers Family Winter Celebration

And more Bonkers

The Snapes and more from the Bonkers


Asylum in JFadeland


Jeromy Zombie

Crescent Cove

Jezzer and the Zombie

Jeromy and the Zombie continued

Jeromy and the Zombie

Confessions of a MATY Sim

Coastal Living Challenge


Monte Vista

Chapter 5: As the Butt Turns

Chapter 4: More of Monte Vista: Butting In

Chapter 3: Scenes from a Family

Chapter 2: More Monte Vista Gossip

Chapter 1: Monte Vista Gossip


The Ranch in Appaloosa


Morten and Genie in Shang Simla

Jon Pertwee

The Pertwees move to Town


Seas, Bees and Adventures

More of Whistlestop

The Continuing Adventures of the Surprisingly Romantic Snapes

Valentine's Day Snape

Whistlestop 2

Whistlestop 1

Aurora Snows

Always Winter and finally Christmas!

Aurora Lights

Lights in China again

And More Lights

More Lights in Aurora

Lights in Aurora

Aurora Photos



Pescado in Newport


Isla Paradiso

Dee in IP

More Kewians in IP

Hunter in Paradise

Immigrants to Paradise

Chapter 1: Kewians in Isla Paradiso


Once more in the Desert

McDarks in BonSanco 2

Trepie and Family in BonSanco

BonSanco Police Department - Case notes Trepie McDark

The Wedding on the Pier

More Pescados

Pescado: Developments

Snow Bawl in Bonsanco

Rohina and AVP

Mo Chang, Great Explorer-to-be and Mo and Jesslla and Falcon and Barbarella and Snake

Young Pescado in the Desert and More of Pescado in the Desert and More Kittens

Ecstass-Smith household


Back to Jericho

Jeffree Starr's Jericho Diary

Where Are We Now?


Sunset Valley

Dotcom Legacy Generation 1 (again!) and 2 and 3

The Dotcom Legacy 1

2 and 3


Moonlight Falls

Chronicles of Moonlight Falls part 1 part 2 part 3


Barmy Bay

Evie Leash

The Pertwees in Barmy Bay 4

The Pertwees in Barmy Bay 3

The Pertwees in Barmy Bay 2

The Pertwees in Barmy Bay

Oona in Barmy Bay



Thursday Evening, Downtown Jericho

Karin Ell's Rookery

Nadia's Adventures in Jericho

The Dailies in Jericho

Dailies in Jericho 2

Dailies Miscellany

Tigress Kitten

Motoki in Jericho

Laura Bacon

Ruth and Seb

Dailies in Jericho 4

Dailies 5 - Babies!

The Mystery of Snow Bawl part 2


Oddnesses - outtakes and glitches

Escapees from the Twinbrook Cataclysm

Sim Survivor Now complete!

See Motoki in Jericho



Pescado in Appaloosa

Sutty in Appaloosa



Felicia and Don Lothario-Gardiner

Generation 2 Again


Before the Generations/Pets disaster

From my Forum Hoods

The Kewians

Fairlight and Ellatrue


Fairlight's Family

Ella and Darrick

The Thorn Family in Simsville

Young Pescado in Twinbrook



The Social Trailer

Twinbrook Detention Centre



Legacies in Riverview

The Gardiner Legacy Part 1

The Gardiner Legacy Part 2

Wedding Photos

The Gardiner Legacy Part 3

The Gardiner Legacy Part 4

The Gardiner Legacy Part 5

The Gardiner Legacy Part 6


The Gardiner Legacy Part 7


Felicia - Gardiner Legacy Generation 2

The Broke family in Riverview

Hunter Cottoneye

The Brokes

More Hunter


Drama in Bridgeport

Don Salvatore Renzella

Aria Renzella

The Brothers

A Visit

Giovanni and Agnes

Agnes and Eric

Agnes in Sunset Valley

Cor and Don Renzella

Giovanni and Morrigan

Benjamino, Morrigan, Don Salvatore and their babies

Morrigan, Benjamino et al

Tragic Birthday Party

Larry Hookins' Shotgun Style House

Larry's Holiday

Larry and Pippsi Hookins

Egyptian Honeymoon

MATYzens in Twinbrook

Jolrei Perdition

Emma Gilscarbo

Emma and Jolrei

Emma and Jolrei in Twinbrook


Royals in Los Banos

The Royals in Los Banos I

Trepie McDark

Trepie in Newton leFade

Jelenedra Rakenface

Trepie 3

A Family Sim


Spock Block and his Monotone House

Spock Block in Newton leFade

Spock Block in Twinbrook

Daddy Spock Block


The Jacksons

More Jacksons

Reggiko's Farm

The Sample family


Sunset Valley

Thaddeus George I

Sims 2 Townhouse - Claire and Bethany Ursine

Rhapsody in Chinese

Zazazu Abubu

Zazazu 2

World Credits

Newton leFade


About The Gardiner legacy

About Bridgeport




Other people's Sims 3 Stories

The Diary of Elrond Hubbtard

Alice and Kev

The Destruction of St Orano made with Sim City Rush Hour and Sims 3.

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