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Chapter 11: From Al-Medina to IP

"Never mind looking at the beautiful view, RUN FASTER!"

Eventually the Curious-Lights family, tired of the dangerously changing politics of Al Medina, moved away and bought a castle on a tropical island. They enjoyed the warm climate, although this was completely different - the plant children Basil and Bryony, now young teens, couldn't believe how much it rained.

Vidcund could work as an Inventor anywhere, of course, and Tita took a post based locally, training junior Astronauts. They had quite a menagerie of pets: the three dogs, Jo-Fi, Su-Ni and Zo-Ee, a snake, a turtle and a very long-lived womrat, all of whom had travelled with them from Al Medina.

Tita Third didn't seem to want a job. She took some courses while wondering what profession to take up, and what the local talent was like! At least everyone didn't have to cover up so much here. The dress code seemed exceptionally liberal.

August Greenfield

Lived on a small boat, worked as a fire captain.

At the Trade Winds Spa and Bistro, August had to deal with a strange event, which might have had something to do with the special spices they customarily put in their curries. But nobody was admitting anything.

"It's not all heroics, you know. That thing exploded in a pile of vile green mush, took me weeks to get the stink out of my uniform jacket."

This house, where there were frequent fires, was a fireman's nightmare. He couldn't get the engine anywhere near it and had to fight the fire with a special seawater-siphoning hosepipe. And every time he tried to deliver the householder his "You really ought to get a better smoke alarm, or even a road!" lecture, she up and rode away in a boat.

After putting out the latest fire there, he was promoted to Backdraft Specialist. He decided it was time he gave some thought to his future, now that he had a reasonably respectable income.

After registering for Online Dating, he went for a couple of dates with Tita Third Curious-Lights. On cursory inspection, she seemed the least crazy of all the females that contacted him, and she WAS wealthy, though of course that didn't come into his thinking...

"You can carry me in a fireman's lift!"

They had some good laughs.

"Oh, I don't know."

They got on surprisingly well until he told her how irresistible he was.

She's a Diva and decided to go home at that point... "You seem to have some issues and I'm not sticking around to deal with that..."


August was made by HellFrozeOver.