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The Pertwees move to Town

The Pertwees decided to leave Lachesis and its chilly, dark weather and make a fresh start.

They thought they would try living in a city for a change. Hollywierd was mooted. "Let's all go," said Angie, after they studied the brochures. "I don't want to be deprived of my latest grandchildren!" Morten and Genie asked Angie "Now that Jon's an adult, would you mind coming to live with us to help look after the triplets?"

"I would love to. And I'm sure the lads can fend for themselves now; I won't be far away, and we'll make sure they have a maid or a butler or some such."

Jon won a weekend holiday free. Actually, it rained all weekend.

The view from their garden was magnificent.

Jon was sure it would help his Magic career, and it wouldn't hurt for the rest of them. They packed up all their hoarded jewels and Chinese and French pots, which was actually rather a lot. This family are hoarders and collectors. The only thing that didn't come with them was the insect collection, because of border restrictions.

Jon and his brothers (Juniors household) borrowed some money so they could afford a house called Raised Eyebrows and paid it off by making Supernovium from some of the gems.

Morten and his little family and Angie bought the Urban Mansion. They had a larger loan, 98,975 after they used all their savings. Luckily, Genie had a lamp among all her clutter and wished for fortune - this paid off handsomely and she got about 100,000. So the debt was paid off, with plenty to spare - Morten built a studio for sculpting on the side of the house facing the water, and a basement to store his valuable museum pieces.

Soon after they moved in Morten achieved his LTW of a private museum worth 20K, simply by sorting and placing all the stuff he had in his pockets and cupboards and tables.

He decided to open a museum as soon as he found a suitable property. It would also serve as a gallery for his sculptures and pictures to be on display. He'd never believed art should be locked away, only to be seen by wealthy hoarders.

Genie thought about going back to work as a nurse, but the quadruplets and Gordon kept her too busy, even with Angie's help, so she decided she would work on the garden and house. That was better than emptying bedpans! They got a butler, Camilla, who was invaluable and freed her up to do some gardening. The butler asked for overtime rate, and earned it!


Hollywierd is from The Sims Exchange, and is a remake of Late Night’s Bridgeport, updated for later EPs and routing fixed.