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Great Bear 3: Manuelita Garcia

A rather unhappy old lady, she has had a lifetime of disappointments. And sore knees.

She bought a bungalow so she wouldn't have to go up and down stairs. And then it had STEPS! Sack that Estate Agent. (Actually, one would have to pay him first, so that was unlikely.)

The most recent of her disappointments being that in Riverview, her beloved and very fat cat died of extreme old age, hence the plain black dress. She had never married, preferring her own company.

So she moved to Great Bear, because she HATED hot weather. "It makes one's Veins itch, you know. And here it is NEVER summer."

"And one does have to move from time to time, as the tradespeople do get so bothersome about payment."

Well, she had to wear a sweater under that black jerkin. It's so cold in Great Bear!

Of course, one was waiting for one's inheritance to come through. It was stuck in the courts somewhere, had been for years, and instead of being a wealthy heiress, one had been forced to live as an impoverished spinster.

Still. Once she had unpacked, she could get changed into something that suited her better.

She had been growing her hair for 25 years, and didn't want to cut it now. That is why it had stayed so dark, she thought.

She absolutely hated lots of things, particularly those steps at the front of the "bungalow" which were surprisingly slippery in the snow. But amazingly, her inheritance finally came through and she was able to buy a decent house and finally begin to live in the style to which she had always wanted to be accustomed!


Manuelita is a Sim made by simsfvr and offered on The Sims Daily Forum as a Style My Sim Challenge.