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Umay in Lunar Lakes, continued

It's been a long time since she moved here.

A long conversation about eye makeup. She really likes this guy but they are only good friends if she never flirts.

Can they use a Young Again Potion?

They CAN be abducted.

Although her career is fishing, she's a great artist, and some of her paintings were bought by the Art Gallery.

Bastis is a pretty good hunter.

All that work is so tiring.

You never see a toilet in an Egyptian tomb. This is why.

Something scarey this way comes...

Inappropriate time to flirt. But it proves that mummies CAN flirt.

Some of the Sims sheltered underneath their house.

Big badaboom. Surprisingly, no-one was hurt. Only one Sim was slightly singed.

Clone Potion worked. But of course it's only temporary.

Selling her fish.

Fishing - WHY does she pick the most difficult spot to fish from? She had to walk on water to get here.

She can swim, and even snorkel, but dislikes the dripping that goes on for hours afterward.