The Gas Station

Jezzer went to live in the poorer part of town, in the old gas station. He did it up for himself and his cats. He hoped his cats might have kittens. And having left all his family behind for various reasons, he was once more alone.

Essentials first of course. The cat palace.

A few toys got left outside.

There is a small portable TV on the table at the back so they won't miss any headlines.

The main TV viewing area, with a few bits and pieces on the coffee table.

Huge built-in stone and metal fireplace, because it can be very cold in the desert.

Part of the kitchen with a collection of cookery books.

The kitchen provides access to the newly added basement.

Quite a minimalist, manly sort of bedroom.

And bathroom, accessed through the bedroom.

I felt the hanging baskets in the kitchen looked very empty.

Lilith had the same idea.


The fireplace is Cloudwalker Sims.

Various wall paintings and stickers from Garden of Shadows.

Dining table and chairs are by RoseSims.