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Lucky Palms 1

Of the Clouseau and the Bawl families

Clouseau had only one unsolved mystery in Rattlesnake Ridge.

The sinking lighthouse. Still functioning, but only supported by the crane? Subsidence? Maybe. Looked risky.

But it was time to move. There were increasing earthquakes and meteors.

And the bank was begging him to move to their new branch in Lucky Palms. Noted for gambling and ruffians, it could be... interesting.

"We NEED you, Inspector Clouseau with your criminal expertise."

Clouseau rebuilt a replica of the farm and the house.

Once the farm was replanted, with Pea-shooters, the vintage car, etc, it was indistinguishable from the previous Chez Clouseau..

Clouseau's very special police car.

And here is the bank. Very similar to the branch in Rattlesnake Ridge.

Laurie mathis, his housekeeper, declared the place needed very little cleaning.

But Clouseau declared the existing staff had to be searched; "We have ze technology. And after what Garibaldi did, I trust NOBODY."

Of course, Lucky Palms has a reputation for gambling. Laurie Mathis, their housekeeper, has a bit of a gambling addiction.

Cornelius Butt was happy to accept Brown Fang, the puppy of White Fang.

"Trois children, trois dogs, ze tractor, we could not be 'appier."



The Butt family

also moved to LP. They bought a large house called Pillars of Society, and now Myrtle was almost grown up enough for Uni. There was also Cornelius' little son, Carnelian.

"This all looks very familiar. Have we been here before?"

"Yes, a lifetime ago."

The Bawl family

The children off to boarding school. Snow flirted with a shop assistant. Liu and Thunder went to China.

Snow, in her extreme old age, was still writing successful romantic novels.

Daughter Bianca wants to follow in Mum's footsteps.

And another Romantic BestSeller.

And then at the Elixir Shop,

This young shop assistant caught her eye.

So she bought the Elixir Store, and took a Young Again potion. "Now I have something to live for. I felt as if I was just marking time till death."

Liu Pei and Thunder moved out. The children were at Boarding School. Snow would live with Deng Wang, and the children would spend most of their time with their father and step-brother to give Snow time to write.

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