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The brochure says

"Ahoy, Matey!

Fear me…ye…scurvy…dog… Alright, so I’m not a pirate. But my great, great, grandparents were. They burned, pillaged, looted and merrily stole treasure. It was a pirate’s life for them! They settled here in Barnacle Bay way back in the day, when the island was more about escaping the authorities and less about escaping the drudgery of everyday life. Even though it’s not really dangerous anymore, Barnacle Bay is an amazing place where people of all types come and find a place in the world where they can nestle.

With beautiful beaches, relaxing campgrounds, plentiful parks and a modern downtown area there’s something for everyone here! I mean, have you seen that restaurant? It’s a boat! A boat that crashed! How crazy is that? Haha! So come along for a visit; you just might find yourself wanting to stay."


Jason liked it here. It was a small town, but a capable thug could always find employment.

He didn't miss Mona at all! He had her urn in his basement. Now she would never leave him, thanks mostly to her having taught him how essential basements were.

He built a large basement with a private room onto this small house - in that room is a ladder down to his secret sub-basement. In there is Mona! And above, he was making a nice vegetable garden which he would be happy for anyone to dig up for him...

(Jason is Evil, Hot-Headed, Hydrophobic, Insane and Mean-Spirited).

Occasionally Mona would come to "visit" him.

but he had a new girlfriend, in fact a fiancée Juliet Verona, who moved in with him.

Ignoring the occasional ghost, life continued pretty much as normal.

The Snapes in Barnacle Bay

The Snapes worked on their house for a while. It was a modern monstrosity, so they put shingles all over the concrete walls, which helped a lot - and then some new windows, a proper roof. Doors. And more. It would take years, but that was all right. They did not intend to move again.

A "before" shot of the house.

A "between" shot of the house!

Meanwhile, things were happening: the boys were growing up. Hyprekia married Preethi Darwin, his partner in the police, as soon as her divorce finally came through. Her husband had never amounted to much, and was more interested in drinking than fishing, or working. She appears to be pregnant. Jess took a potion and became the fairy he had always wanted to be. He married Nina Caliente, who might also, but who wants to learn alchemy for now. And who is pregnant.

Sarcasmus was now the only one still living at home with the lads.



Buried Treasures Consignment Store by Jennygirl from the Exchange

Mei Mai's Lobster Shack and Wine Distillery by gngrsnp from the Exchange

Seasoned Saltbox by bklienhart from the Exchange

Ahulani by gngrsnp at the Exchange

to be continued