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London Dwarf

The guys from Red Dwarf. Ace Rimmer, Dave Lister and The Cat, through some wiggly timey-wimey stuff, finally managed to get back to London, England, in 1990. But they miss their old friend Kryten, who sacrificed himself in the process.

Ace Rimmer, was awarded this pretty Georgian house for saving the City of London from an incoming meteor shower by bravely erecting a huge umbrella on the Moon. Ace, of course, is just his usual winning, charming self, and still works as an Astronaut at the nearby military base.

Dave Lister loves London and hopes, he says, to meet new babes and find a local pool hall. "Hey, it's not Manchester, but it'll do!" He is 'employed' as a fan.

The Cat is already working on meeting human females, which are completely new to him (being a creature descended from the ship's cat) and establishing his own harem. He has no intention of getting a job, and plans to move out fairly soon (in fact, as soon as he can find a girlfriend with her own house). Meanwhile he loves the hot tub in the basement and his clothing allowance.

Listy visited St Saviour-in-the-Brothel.

He's not praying but texting.

A winter playground near the river.

The outskirts of London in the snow.



The characters are from the UK TV Series Red Dwarf.

Dave Lister, Cat and Ace Rimmer are made by Pakuman and are on the Exchange.

Buy Me A Gremlin Salon is by Armonia from GOS.

The magnificent church St Savior-in-the-Brothel (sic) came with the London world, which is by RFLong.

In the winter shots I'm using BrnntWaffles' Dystopian Sky lighting mod.