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Chapter 15: Jessica Minh and the twins

Agustin Pruett moved in with Jessica when he got her pregnant again, and their baby is called Julia. So now she has the toddlers, Tressy and Jesse, and little Julia, and the three little ones kept them very busy. When Agustin asked her to marry him, Jessica felt she couldn't put it off any longer.

She went to see Trepie.

"I hope you don't mind. I had to see you."

He smiled. "Come in, I've been expecting you."

"I felt I owe you..."

She started again. "You never called me back, never came round to see the babies."

"I've been busy, doll. Come on in."

Inside the boat, he turned to her. "Let me massage your shoulders."

"Whu - " She turned, at bay. "No! Trepie, I have something to say, LISTEN to me! the twins, YOUR twins, are TODDLERS now. And you never came to visit ONCE. I called you and called you. You always made excuses. You never even offered any child support, nor did you show any interest. Do you really think I came here today to make LOVE to you again?"

"What can I say? Yes?"

Unusually taken aback, Trepie blurted "But to think I was actually thinking of PROPOSING to you!"

"You dumb chick."

"Cleverer than you. I can still tell them who you are."

"You won't. You've left the newspaper. And you have twins now. Your reputation's ruined and nobody would believe your story - you'ld be the laughing stock of the town."

"What is it they say? 'A women scorned?' They would laugh you out of the office."

She turned to leave and he caught her wrist with a grip like iron handcuffs.

"You're not leaving, missy."

He took her on a night dive to Davy Jones' Locker and she never came home.

Trepie knew all the best underwater caves, and the best hiding places.