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Lister and Lights

"Hello, feline. We are fine. We don't miss you. Well, we do, chum.

I've been working on my muscles. You should see me! Playgirl Feature of the Month!

Listy? Yeah - just messing about with the chemistry set. He just set himself on fire again haw haw!

Yes I know I got demoted. Everybody knows. The Army just don't appreciate a good thing when they have it. Latrine cleaner indeed."

The Lights family

Here is the front elevation of "the Palace", the Lights residence.

Roomy double garage. Essential in London with busy commutes and so on.

The entrance hall with chandeliers and the fainting couch. T'Resa, just back from a busy day at work, thinks it's perfect.

The library. Designed by India Jones, Inigo's half-sister, once removed. T'Resa's favourite place.

The place is HUGE. They only use the ground floor, and only about half of that so far. As the children grow, they plan to expand into the upper reaches.

Brandt installed a sandpit and made a play area for the children.

He had some large rocks imported from the islands.


Tranto's birthday party.

"I need to swim, I don't fit my scrubs any more! Plus it might help with the queasiness I'm getting."

Brandt gets to stay home with the children, and collect and process rocks and gems. Not that there are many here in London. So he decided to join the Angler career. Though there's only one place to fish in London, at the very end of the river as if comes down into town.

Well, what with abduction, hot tubs and swimming pools, T'Resa was soon pregnant again.

Are you sure that's a good exercise for pregnant ladies?

Sure am! Top level obstetrician, me!

It worked too! The shortest labour in history!

And Tranto is King!