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The curious Investigator

Mona's blog.

Lost in the woods. Atmospheric, but it's a lovely bright day. A tiny, dark cottage that seems empty. Tried GPS but no signal out here.

Wait, there are some banging noises coming from the outside toilet - ah someone in!

"Hey there? Take your time, I'll wait."

He said "Just tinkering. Who are you?"

"Mona Yue, trainee investigator here. I'm just exploring. But it's good to meet someone at last - this whole area seems deserted."

"It's been very quiet this last season. Nobody comes to the campsite any more. Want a cup of tea?"

He's friendly enough. There has to be someone nice hiding behind that mask.

"Yes please! Ah, I've got a signal!... I hope you don't mind me asking, but what happened to your face?"

He took off his mask. There was some quite bad scarring, and his eyes had a whitish cataract-look about them. "I can't see very well, but - er - you don't find me scary?"

"Oh, silly. Of course not. Is the mask just to hide beneath? You have really interesting cheekbones, you know."

I have worked as a beautician and know everyone has inner beauty.

Some concealing creams worked very well on his scars, and he had loads of cash in his drawers, so we went shopping (without his mask) for clothes and dark glasses, and a hair transplant.

Even Jason had to admit he looks better.

He told me the primary purpose of the mask had been to protect his rather fragile facial skin from the thorns and brambles in the woodlands.

My nice thick Cover-All (TM) Concealer worked almost as well. And that he had dreamed of becoming a criminal mastermind. Maybe now he could try! Hey, a job is better than NO job, right?

I decided to stay a while, to help him "sort out the house." I was amazed at how much he had tucked away in his sock drawer. Enough to keep us both going for quite some time!

The doctor at the hospital, who was slowly removing the deepest scars, suggested that Jason might have "enochlophobia", which is a fear of crowds.

"Basically anxiety" she added. "I believe you are good for him. That'll be another $500."

On her instruction, I sent him out on his own to meet people.

Meanwhile, I called in the builders.

We, or rather I, kept the ground floor of the house as it had been, with only the addition of some adequate, if minimal, kitchen furniture and a small, antique television. I made a comfortable basement living space with two bedrooms, and a pleasant sitting area.

Poor Jason must have been so lonely. I believe he was scared of people, not people of him, though he says otherwise.

His fear of people does seem to be evaporating with his scars, which are finally healing, and the medicine from the doctor has helped with his anxiety.

It does really take the edge off. I know, I tried it once.

He got a job! Just as a bag-man on a simple heist, but he was so happy he danced about the room with me!

"Mona, you are so good for me! You've turned my life around. And I LOVE what you've done with my shabby little house. I can't thank you enough."

Dum dum dum... to be continued. Kreeh Peeh Kreek 2


The world is by Tedhi from Sims Daily Forum. This thread I think. She intended it to be "a North-West-American-Canadian-ish town".

Jason was also made by Tedhi and came with the world.