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The Wedding of the Year (in IP)

Tita Third was delighted to find a wedding dress that suited her, so much so that she refused to take it off the night before the wedding. That's a Sea Sludge; don't get it on the dress... "Why? I like this dress so much I've bought three, so there will be one clean for tomorrow."

Yes, she's a bit spoilt by growing up in an extremely wealthy Sims family.

Later - Someone a little nervous? "Couldn't sleep."

And then... The wedding party!

Run, Tita, run! Don't be late for your daughter's wedding!

PlantSim half-sister Bryony there, spreading flowers. And Dad Vidcund, already with a drink.

Mowlam Kewian came, as the family doctor he couldn't ignore this invitation. Vidcund had discovered the keg already.

August getting to know his in-laws. "You will fit right in."

And the bride complaining about the ridges on certain benches making ridges on one's posterior.

"NO! You shouldn't have followed me here, you've got fleas! We don't want to give fleas to all Tita Third's guests? Off you go home. Bad dog."

[This happens at every wedding party I hold for my Sims. One of the petsALWAYS turns up, uninvited, and it's always the one with FLEAS. It's why my Sims don't usually have big, or even small fancy wedding parties...]

Basil, Bryony's twin, got sidetracked. He was fascinated with Kiki Assgrabbar, the Mayor, who was paddling in the sea close by.

"You don't HAVE to mind-meld with all of our guests, August!"

That's Namarie Kewian, Mowlam's niece.

Always happy to assist, Vidcund is helping serve refreshments.