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The Lights family in Starlight Shores 1

TitaI and her family, tired of the earthquakes in Aurora Snows, moved to Starlight Shores. She is a level 9 Gardener, but really doesn't need to work at all. So she planted a small herb garden. She also bought out the local grocery store, and a miner for the kids to play with.

Apparently there is a lost city beneath their house. That kind of figures. Populated by cannibalistic gnomes.

They all went to China, except for little Drita. "TitaI says we're gonna buy a house there, not stay in the poxy basecamp. We can each have our own room there."

Ahmediaz wanted to work on his Martial Arts, and his visa. TitaI wanted to buy the house and some plum seeds. The rest would just go for sheer fun. And shopping.

They bought a new house in Shang Simla called The Thyme House, and had a very pleasant time.


Sita April 25, 2015