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Chronicles of Moonlight Falls Part 3

Thea Oyster

Thea Oyster moved into a tiny house by the cemetery. It was already occupied by three ghosts - the two that TitaI had exorcised, Jimmy Vu and Enza Michaels, and one other.


Jimmy Vu's doing his homework here... Jimmy is not very bright and seems to have missed the chair.

Nadia is the other ghost who lives here.

Thea went to a party at Miriam Hoppcroft's, where Miriam;s husband James was clearly struggling with looking after their baby.

At the party she met TitaI, who made no bones about letting her know she was a Celebrity!

She told him to go and rest while she babysat. And so a career was born.

"I wonder if fairy poo smells like other baby poo? or if it's all sparkly?"

"I could get used to this."

By the time she got home she was exhausted. "Go away, Jimmy. This is MY bed."

Meanwhile, Nadia was demonstrating ghost cookery.

With invisible ingredients, lots of pepper,


Scoop up the invisible ingredients into the bowl,

And voila!

Take to the stove,

Punch a hole in the base of the saucepan and attach a wooden spoon.

Pick up the pan from where it has landed and repeat.

After a day of this, Thea took pity on Nadia and bought her a new stove.

"I'm happy because I finally got the pan to stay on the cooker!"

You also forgot to take it off the cooker... hear anything?

They set off the next twilight to visit the cemetery. It was, after all, the nearest community lot to their house.

Jimmy turned up with a book.

"Well, what else would you do in a cemetery?"

This guy was doing something suspicious to an apple.

"Can you turn apples purple? I do so like purple..."

Nadia and Enza decided to visit the Mausoleum and Catacombs.

With predictable results.

It was almost full moon, and Nadia was feeling odd.

She decided to take a bath. In the bathrub she had filled with flowering plants. In the garden. Right next to the road.

Soon she transformed!

And went out to try out her new abilities. She had been told she could hunt. She found lots of rock! "Yep. There is definitely a lot of rock under the ground here."

Bounding along the side of the road she spotted another werewolf.

After that little encounter, he headed for the bar, where of course the Rakenface girls were spending a quiet evening.

He tried to bite Jelly, but she wasn't having any.

"Oww that hurts!"

There was a tourist there called Wu Xiu. She wasn't impressed either.

"Please, not the newspaper!"


While Argus was exploring his animal desires, Nadia explored town a little more.

And about dawn, she found a lovely falcon.

Might be continued, but this save appears to be lost.