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My first Sims 3 object creation!

A two-piece version of Leonardo da Vinci's sketch "Battle". It uses an EA mesh. If you want it, here.


Many many thanks to J.M.Pescado for his awesomemod which really IS awesome and fixes all manner of bugs EA left in, and is still being updated in April 2015. You can check for the latest version of AwesomeMod here.

Also to the helpful, friendly and patient people at Neighbourhood99 and at Carl's Sims 3 Forum.

Also Twallan and his successors for his Master Controller and Overwatch, both available from NRAAS as well as many other interesting mods. Overwatch is ESSENTIAL for players whose latest EP is Late Night and play Bridgeport or any City to avoid massive slowdowns due to some EA bugs in the traffic coding.

Another thing I would say is essential if you are intending to download custom content for Sims 3 is Delphy's Dashboard, which checks downloaded files for Sims 2 content (WHOSE bright idea was it to call Sims3 files .packages, the same name as Sims 2 files, even though they are completely different and clearly incompatible? Shoot that programmer!) and also detects corrupt files.

Delphy's CUSTARD from Mod the Sims 2 is very useful if you download from the Exchange, or just want to keep track of what extras you might be putting into your game.

October 8, 2018