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Lucky Palms 3

Garibaldi and Deng Wang

Garibaldi moved here with Autumn Cardinale and all their cats, Garfield, Heidi and their kittens Rembrandt and Socks. But somehow Autumn went missing. Garibaldi wanted to find a new home for Socks. He was keeping his head down, hoping nobody would notice Autumn was gone.

Garibaldi was using all his skills, particularly charm, on the single ladies of the town. This is newly rejuvenated Snow.

All his skills.

Meanwhile, at the Alchemy Store...

"What? It's just a hobby."

Deng Wang

Deng Wang had been with Snow Bawl and her family for many years. He had followed her home from Egypt for love. But it had never been requited.

Snow, bored with writing her best-sellers, had been playing with the potions bench. This time she made a Potent Cure Potion.

"A mummy needs a cure like a cat needs a bicycle."

Deng wasn't sure whether to be pleased or not. This would shorten his life considerably.

"I bet you're really nice-looking under all those wraps. Come to my salon!"

"Not convinced".

Turned out all right though. It was nice to be young again. And to walk without that limp!

After his makeover, Deng was quite frisky.

But still sterile?

He even proposed to Snow Bawl.

"I followed you from Egypt, and now you've divorced Liu Pei, at last I can ask you what I've always wanted to ask you."

The lady said no.

He still changed back into his wrappings from time to time, just for comfort.

Sita July 9, 2018

To be Continued