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The Sample family

Sim Sample and his parents moved into a house called Monty Cello.

Here's a nice shot of Sol, Mr Sample Senior.

The Samples were enjoying living in town.

Sadly, Sim was killed in a cooking fire. Both his parents seem to have forgotten him very fast; neither of them were there at the time, and Sal absent-mindedly swept up the ashes and put them in a box. She did decide they ought to buy a fire alarm though.

One night there was a ring on the doorbell.

Sal was very surprised to find Doug and little Mindy Kewian there. Mindy was crying sadly. Doug said he had come to ask Sal for advice - Mindy was a colicky baby and was driving their whole family nuts with her constant crying .

Sal thought the little one probably needed some gripe water.

Sol recommended some baby shoes. "She is only wearing socks, her feet could be cold!"

But then, kicked on the shin by Sal, he agreed, she could be wanting a bottle.

"She looks hungry to me."

Doug asked if he could warm up a bottle in their kitchen.

"Of course you can, do come on in," said Sal. When she got to the kitchen she felt confused, and a little puzzled, as if there were something she should remember about the kitchen. But all she could remember was buying and fitting a fire alarm, and cleaning ash from the floor and a counter.

"There, baby, does that feel better?" Doug picked up little Mindy and cuddled her. "Thank you so much, Mrs Sample. We should be heading home now, it's quite a long way."

Sol was sitting at his desk, looking as if he was trying to remember something as well. 

Doug called over his shoulder "I'll let myself out, thanks... bye!"

they discovered a tombstone in the garden. Sol was doing some research on the Net. "Sal, we can do this," he called gleefully from the study.

"Yes but..." she looked at the material he had found online. "Looks like we can bring him back as a ghost. Not as a full Sim. Unless we learn to make Ambrosia, and that's horribly expensive"


Ghosts can be resurrected to become playable Sims, but they will not be fully living, instead they will be playable ghosts. They are resurrected through the Science Lab opportunity so those wishing to resurrect their Sims with this opportunity should be sure to keep their opportunities section clear. To resurrect a ghost Sim at the Science Lab, players will need to bring the gravestone or urn of the deceased to the lab. Married Sims will not be married after they are resurrected so if players wish for their newly resurrected Sim to be married to their former spouse they will have to have them propose again.

To fully resurrect a Sim so that they are fully alive, players will have to have their Sim eat Ambrosia.


Once Ambrosia has been prepared, a living Sim can place it on a table so that the dead Sim will see it and eat it at night. Once a dead Sim consumes the Ambrosia, they will be fully restored to a live Sim. Their age bar will also revert back to zero, but they will remain in the same life stage. For example, an elder will still be an elder, but they will be in their first day of elderhood.

In order for a Sim to create Ambrosia they will need several things. They will need a cooking skill of 10, the recipe which can be learned from watching TV or purchased at the bookstore for 12,000 Simoleons, life fruit, and a death fish. To obtain life fruit, the Sim must grow it, and to grow it they must have a gardening skill of 10. To obtain a death fish, Sims must have a fishing skill of 10, and they must fish at the graveyardI pond between 11:00pm and 5:00am. In some cases, a Sim's skin color will not be right when they are brought back to life with ambrosia. To prevent this from happening, or fix it if it does, save the game before having the Sim eat Ambrosia. If their skin is the wrong color, simply reload the saved game and have them try to eat the Ambrosia again until their skin color is right.

"I've been working on my garden, and I have some Life Fruit Plants there already," beamed Sol. "And if you study up on your cooking too, it won't be so long."

Sol was hanging around a lot at the cemetery, thinking, gathering seeds and considering buying a fishing rod. Sal, busy skilling on cooking and keeping up her teaching job, thought it was probably good for him. 

Sol had a new idea for making money. "I'm going to be a bug collector."  He didn't like his job anyway, and his enthusiasm for gardening had waned as quickly as it began.

Sal said "I think you might need to register at City Hall for that? But why don't you just come and help me at the school? We need more playground monitors."

"I... don't like children very much. Noisy little critters."

Sol was a little crazy, but then that was normal for him. Sal thought he must be missing Sim.

In his first two days he caught over 1,860 worth of moths and butterflies, just around the cemetery and in the park around it. So the next day at work, he told his boss that he had always known he (the boss!) was a spotted llama, and his mother was a monopod. "Well, Sol," laughed his boss, "If you feel like that... it's goodbye!" 

His coworkers, SpockBlock, Kimberley Rutledge and Quincy Bartley, thought it was hilarious.

He gave them each a pet water beetle to remember him by, released a few bugs at work, just for fun, and held a party at the Muddy Rudder. All kinds of people turned up, incluiding Witch Poofs and Mike Jackson - the top celebs in the town. 

Unfortunately the lift got stuck, as often seems to happen at my Sims' parties, and only Inge made it into the club with Sol.

The lift was stuck, and Sal was left alone to entertain them all - but they all had a great time. Both Sal and Sol gained a celeb star too.

Some days later he told Sal, "I think there are fish at the Science Facility. I am going to try my luck there."

"How could there be fish there? The water is green - it glows! And don't expect me to eat anything you catch there!"

"I have an infallible instinct! I believe there are fish at the Science Facility!" Off he went. And indeed he caught 

piranha, angel fish, 

a big shark (which apparently weighed in at 88 Kilos!)


They had another cooking fire, and Sal was very upset. "This must be what happened to poor Sim!" Fortunately the fire alarm worked, and Sal managed to get into the carpool which had conveniently just arrived.

Sol was suffering from smoke inhalation and shock.

Sim was still "walking" but not playable.

But at long last, through the miracles of the Net, his SimsGoddess finally discovered the trick and resurrected Sim. No, Sol and Sal, you don't need to use your savings to make Ambrosia, unless you want to. You might rather have a nice holiday with the money!

Sol could now concentrate on his garden and his fishing. Sal still enjoyed her work and so would continue. Sim was looking for work in the political field.

A Puzzle

Sim's death, apparently in a cooking fire is a mystery to me. There was a tiny pile of ash in the kitchen near the cooker, and one of the counters was a little dirty. There were no other signs, and neither Sol not Sal had any of the moodlets I would expect to see after such a happening.

They WERE living in the Hood, but were not Chosen (protected by Awesomemod from Story Progression); and the pictures in the first part of the page above were shots taken when I saw them out and about. I hadn't seen Sim around for some time, since the first time I took someone to the pub, and Sim was there, deep in conversation with the barman. So maybe something happened with Story Progression. Or maybe I just wasn't watching the right room.

With my usual gameplay style, I would tend to say - "well, stuff happens," and go along with the occurrence. But because it was unexpected, because I as SimsGoddess, was inattentive, I decided to investigate how to get Sim back.

Gardening 10 was not needed because buydebug allows the building (cheatwise) of Life Fruit Plants. Sal still needed to get 10 cooking, and Sol 10 fishing.

Meanwhile, I did try to select Sim's ghost, to make him accept the changes recommended and this is what I got from Master Controller:

OK Master Controller/Advanced/Traits/Change

Then the traits appear, but there is no Ghost... so I couldn 't delete the ghost trait.

Maybe because he is still not a playable?


Sol and Sal were all set to make Ambrosia (though they needed money to buy the recipe), and I thought I would try to call up Sim's ghost and build a relationship with his parents.

One of the posts in MATY mentioned the Debug Interaction Enabler, which already exists in AwesomeMod, which I have installed. Enabled it by typing "setconfig enabledebuginteractions on"; then I did shift-control click on the tombstone (is that what calls NRAAS?)

Anyway at that point it gives an option to spawn a ghost but ALSO to resurrect the Sim, which I know I hadn't seen before. I'm not clear whether the enable debug thing needed to be on as well to turn it on bcause I thought I had tried every possible key combination on the tombstone already. Anyhoo, Sim is back in the house! Alive, kicking, and a little confused as to where he spent the last few Simweeks, and why his parents have so many more skills than he has. Oh and the 'Oh my Ghost' Opportunity did NOT come up at all. Whatever it is it needs to trigger it, I apparently didn't do it!

Anyhow, the result of this cheat was that Sim is back, at the beginning of his Young Adult lifestage, which is where he SHOULD be. Phew!

Since Sol and Sal have all the ingredients, they might make some Ambrosia anyway and buy themselves a bit more time, since they've spent so much of their short lives skilling and trying to save their son.

Thanks for helpful advice from N99ers, MATY and NRAAS.