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Being a lifeguard could have its downside: Sims he rescued often wanted to flirt.

"I'm not surprised you couldn't swim in those heels. You should wear sensible socks, like me!"

Almost every Sim in Isla Paradiso knew Doug because they had been rescued by him! So he was very popular.

Well, Doug finally attained his LTW of Surrounded by Family, and actually retired from the Lifeguard career. Somewhere along the line he obtained a degree in Physical Education.

Sooo was working on her guitar skills; Marge worked at the Bistro, and the family invested in it. Her sisters Mowlam, Mimi and Mindy were still at school, with their kid sister Siouxsie. Megan worked at the Spa and was doing pretty well, bought a tiny houseboat, and started on his writing career. It appeared to be haunted by a couple called the Dreggs. He started a horror novel called "Prometheus Bouncer".

In the family tradition of setting the place on fire at birthdays, here is Namarie's birthday party. She was fascinated by the fire-woman and decided that might be a good career.

Much later, Sooo woke up one morning knowing something was very wrong. The whole world seemed to be shaking.

Eventually the news came in.

"Nooo! I know Doug would have wanted to go this way, and I've seen his body, laid him to rest. But Megan's still out there somewhere!"

Sooo found it impossible to believe her oldest son was dead, and even called up the genie to try to get him back. But even the genie couldn't find him.

"He has passed beyond, I am sorry. I can't see him anywhere."

"I'll give you the next thing you want most, instead."

She died.

"It's time to go. I'm going to find Doug, and Megan. Don't cry, Marge darling. It will be all right."

Some time later, Mimi and Mindy moved out into a houseboat. Mimi got a Young Again potion as a reward for all her hard work. Mindy was almost as old as Mimi, and loved to play her guitar and sing at the karaoke.

Mimi got promoted to Resident, and Mindy bought herself a new guitar and set off to visit the new Elixir Store. Being Mindy, she set off swimming. That was the last Mimi saw of her, but it seems she was distracted by a public swimming pool on the way.

From the Isla Paradiso Times.

She left a devastated Mimi all by herself on the houseboat.

In Sooo and Doug's old house now lived Mowlam, elder, Marge, elder, Namarie, adult, and Siouxsie, Marge's two daughters. They mourned Doug, Sooo and Mindy.

Siouxsie, the youngest of Sooo's daughters, went to live with Mimi on the boat to escape the "oldies funerary atmosphere".

Mowlam was working hard on his career as a doctor. Sims in IP saw his old white van everywhere as he visited his patients.

Marge decided that now that her mother Sooo, who hadn't liked Nadia, was gone, she herself would move back to live with her old lover in a private, tiny cottage on an outlying islet. Nadia immediately asked her to re-marry her. "I'm not letting you go again!"

This left Namarie to live with her uncle, Mowlam.

At this point Mowlam was 83, Marge was 78, but Namarie was still a young adult.

Mowlam eventually got an Age Freeze Potion and froze his age at Elder. He was content; a very reputable doctor and nothing seemed to phase him any more.

And he kept on vaccinating even the most reluctant islanders.

A new family member!

"NOW do you think he will believe in me?"

"Silly. Who do you think made the potion that fixed you?"

So now Fluffs joined Namarie and Mo.