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Anon in Paradise

Trepie McDark had finally served his term in jail, and decided a tropical island would make a refreshing change. Over the course of his long sentence, he had lost touch with his wife and children, and his ex-wife and daughters. "I want a fresh start, and I don't want to be famous, or even infamous. I LIKE being known, it gives me advantages - Sims are much less likely to say no to the Emperor of Evil! But the other side of it is that when I am, the police know all too well where to find me."

In prison he had discovered the joys of hair-care. Now, he bought a houseboat called Tide Runner and a nautical jacket.

He would have described his TWO Life Time Wants as 1) to live forever. And 2) never to go back to prison.

"Now this is the life!" He acquired a small houseboat and settled very happily to island life. Of course, before long his hidden stash would run out, and he would have to make his living somehow. So he went for some courses. He had done some studying in prison, and developed an interest in ancient cultures.

Studied handiness, so he could upgrade his boat, and scuba diving. "I wonder if I could make a living by collecting shells or fishing?"

Once he managed to get a wifi connection to his boat (he modestly reminds you that he is a computer genius) he discovered his twin daughters were living on the island too! Soon he would get in touch with them. Once he was a little more established. He didn't want them thinking of him as a sad loser who had just left prison with nothing.

One night he woke up - a sound - someone had broken into HIS boat? How dare they? On investigation it was only a reporter. She gave her name as Jessica Minh. Remembering his intention to stay incognito, he tried hard to be patient and relatively polite.

"OK I'm not afraid of anyone, I can look after myself. But I do like my privacy. How did you get in here?"

She took one look at him and fled.

All she had done was come in, take photographs and run away. So that was the end of incognito Trepie. He needed to think about this.

What if he sought her out? And persuaded her to keep his secret? Nor was she so badlooking - and he HAD been inside a long time. He knew he could be quite persuasive.

"I never met a pair I didn't like," grinned Trepie. And if not, well, the sea was quite deep... he decided to ask her over.

Well the next week he invited her over "to discuss her story".

All she wanted to do was access his computer to dig out his history. Of course, being Trepie, he did manage to coax her away from the computer eventually.

So they set off for a short cruise around the islands. Which turned into a longish cruise.

With plenty of snorkeling for him. He obtained a potion from the Elixir Store. The clerk had told him "it would solve all his problems."

The potion, in fact, produced an evil clone of evil Trepie. Maybe the clone would do the dirty deed for him! But the clone did nothing but flirt with Jessica, and watch TV.

Eventually she decided she had to go home as she really wasn't feeling very well. Seasick? Trepie grinned. He didn't think so.

And then, left in peace, Trepie went back to his snorkeling and diving.

Jessica Minh

Jessica, the reporter, went home; she still had a very upset stomach. After a while she gave birth to twins, Tressy and Jesse, who had to be Trepie's children. She did call him, but he never seemed to want to come and visit, so she got the feeling he wasn't interested. She left her job as a reporter, and took time out to look after the babies.

She did talk to her friend Vidcund Curious-Lights about the children, but never told who their father was.