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The Clouseau Institute


Jacques' Journal

The Clouseau Institute

The Institute will be focussed on gemology. We plan to offer training in transmogrification, collecting and sculpting of initially gems, and later hope to offer minerals and metalworking.

Startup funds were raised, surprisingly quickly, by my good friend Dom Garibaldi, who, although he has a criminal history, assures me he is now completely "straight". He will act as Security for the Institute. He's also doing most of the building work while I try to establish our presence among the local élite. One has to be KNOWN in a new place, and lamentably, very few here have heard of the Great Inspector Clouseau. Of course, I shall continue to handle occasional cases for New Scotland Yard as requested, just to "keep my hand in."

The place, an ancient set of offices in London close to the Mason's Hall, needs a very drastic and thorough redecorating, and we are still working out which displays to use for the gems. I am drawing inspiration from Art Nouveau. We've had a few re-styles, and I'm not sure I'm quite happy with it yet. Dom is wonderful! His attitude is "Whatever you want, Inspector!" (He reminds me of Cato. Ah, poor, dear Cato. The hospital say he will be out in a few years.)

What is the most important room, and focal point, for a pair of French bachelors? The kitchen, of course! The side of the building is an apartment for me and for Dom, while the main long part of the L shape will be for the Institute proper.

There is a small, urban garden where the dog and cat can play, and where Dom does pull-ups and plays darts on the trees.

My next large purchase was a nice car. One must be seen to be wealthy, or too modern, in this world.

Current thinking on the displays. We've installed a lift and many burglar alarms of course. Dom is surprisingly good at electrics, considering his education has mostly been "at Her Majesty's Pleasure". We really need to add some glass barricades in front of the cabinets: I have heard some of the Sims here are quite unable to resist temptation, while some of our display gems, particularly the soulstones and tiberium, are quite valuable.


I decided to grace this new club with my presence. A new bar, the Erutuf, it was supposed to be exclusive. I thought they must have heard of the Great Clouseau there. But it was completely empty, apart from one bartender who appeared, did not recognise me, and promptly disappeared. The machines appear to serve the drinks automatically.

I'll have a drink please.

I had this strange feeling in my nether region, a sort of twisting.

I decided I would prefer to drink standing up.

How strange. The bar was deserted, maybe other patrons also did not like having their élite bottoms twisted.

I will be watching you, bar.


The building itself came with the London world.

The Art Nouveau curvy display cabinet is made by TheJim07 and is available from Mod the Sims 2.

Clouseau himself is a Sim made by pakuman, from the Exchange.