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Great Bear 4: The O'Dourkes

Vlad, the vampire, Albus, a witch and wannabe alchemist, Liam, whom everybody knows, Romulus who is a werewolf, and Oberon, a fairy.

They bought the old de Zar house cheap, as it still needed doing up. There wasn't really enough room for all of them.

So Liam built himself an igloo in the garden and decided to sleep there.

They all got jobs as Test Subjects, apart from Vlad, who was working as a Stylist.

Vlad O'Dourke won the lottery! §100,000! so they decided to move somewhere more modern, as they were fed up of all the work they had to do just to make the old house habitable. They bought a place called Log Overlook.

Vlad had a great date with Nekhbet Elleveau.

But then he fell for a Tattooist he met at the salon and spent all his time there flirting with her.

Sadly, he flirted so hard he didn't realise he was literally starving.

"You don't sell plasma do you?" he desperately asked the salesgirl.

And then he just poofed!

[Seriously, it happens so fast with vampires...]

"I would have let him drink from me if I'd thought it would help... he was okay. I'm so sorry."


So they took his ashes to the cemetery, said goodbye and then headed out to Grizzly Joe's, three of them in the taxi (and one on his broom).

Albus behaves like a Hopeless Romantic, so I gave him that trait.

"Never mind Albus, the pizza is lovely!"

He immediately chatted up the barmaid, Geneva Malloy, of course, using her sympathy for his loss...

Liam broke the computer. They called a repair tech out Tracy Powers, and Romulus, in his turn, fell for her.

At Trippy Rakenface's party, explaining to her about shedding...

And yes, he's a fast worker and he married her and moved her in! But they needed a place of their own, because of course she was very soon, very pregnant.

They bought a small log cabin well out of town, so they would be able to hunt un-observed.

Back to Manuelita Garcia

She bought the little local grocery, and got a part time job there, to get her out and about and to keep an eye on her investment.

After a short chat with him outside the shop, she came home dreaming of kissing and flirting with George Jones-Dewitt. "Such a nice man!"

When a distant cousin turned up bringing her a descendant of her old cat, Budge Quintero, and she had a small win on the Lottery,

she felt her luck was finally changing.

She bought a larger and much nicer house.

And of course, being a woman who gets what she wants, she married George Jones-Dewitt.

She also adopted Tonangora Lecter for a girfriend for Budge. "We can have lots of kitty children!"


The O'Dourkes by attuned here.

Log Overlook came with Great Bear.

The Jones-Dewitts, including George, were made by Seb Austen and are here.

To be continued