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Once again McDark

Jelly Rakenface and Trippy Rakenface had their birthdays. Jelly rang her father, who told her "It's time you were looking out for a partner, you know, but be careful, not just any old guy, in our line of work you need someone who will get your back - and someone who will understand YOUR work is best."

"Like Mom?"

"Um. Well, your Mom left me to get on with what I do best. We were happy together. I remember her saying, even if you have to go to jail, 'Just keep me and the kids provided for at the level to which we have become accustomed, and I have no problems.'She's still in Moonlight Falls, I believe."

"Yeah, I get postcards now and then."

Jelly and Trippy's mother was Jelenedra.

After Trippy teased her about putting her butt out, Jelly developed the desire to see her sister's ghost... but mostly they got on reasonably well, as long as they kept out of one another's way.

Regards partners, Jelly knew just who to ask - Hannibal was in the Criminal career path too; she was a Safecracker, while he was a Con Man.

"Hannibal, I know it's corny but I want to get down on my knees to you..."

"Not corny at all! Go for it!"

"I want to - I want to marry you and build our own Empire of Evil!"

He was very happy to accept, if surprised. They had a private wedding. (With Trippy still creaming off Council funds working as Mayor it was better not to be too public.)

By the time they were home from a short honeymoon in France, paid for by the delighted Trepie, well, pregnancy can make you feel hot.

They called him Napoleon. Hannibal's house was in the poorer part of town and very small, and they could barely fit in a cot.

Trippy turned up one evening to meet her nephew, and to bring something to Jelly.

"Here's a late wedding present - some funds toward a new house. There's an empty one close to me, needs a little work. Should be 22K there, enough to buy it."

"Oh sis! We do need a bigger house!"

"Just don't let anyone know the money came from me."

So it was their turn to move into the de Zargentay house.

Now Trippy, in her turn, was not happy that Jelly had married before she did. She had been concentrating on her career. It was complicated juggling the bribes and favours. Inevitably, something slipped...

But she was eventually caught taking money from the campaign funds. "That's not fair! I put lots of my OWN money into this as well! And this was only §50!"

"Still stealing."


She would have to find something else to do.

Jelly immediately offered her a job as a Getaway driver, but she turned that down. Work for her sister? No way!

She took a job as a Film Extra for now. And advertised for roomies.

And then took herself off to the pub, where she met Albus O'Dourke (and Romulus, but soon discovered he was already spokenj for - and a werewolf). She spent a lot of time talking and getting somewhat drunk with Albus.

She managed to persuade him to take off the so-silly hat and give up Witchitude, and soon thereafter, they were engaged; and soon after THAT they were married. Just a small quiet reception with Jelly and Hannibal; Trippy had (for now) had had more than enough of being in the public eye.

She kicked out her lodgers, as Albus brought with him quite a nice chunk of savings, and they decided they would both become alchemists. The house was large, and HERS, not the city's. They were grateful her finances had not been investigated TOO thoroughly!

But Trippy was, like her mother, no student. Once pregnant she discovered the delights of Body Massage. She bought a partnership at the Salon and decided it was easier to learn; she aimed to own the store, and maybe work there to keep an eye on things, once they had finished paying for renovations and redecorating the house. Anyway, she still worked occasionally as a film extra.

To be continued