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Chapter 16: Jessica's Revenge

She was not gone for good.

She was not happy with him.


"Well, yes, but..."


He even went back to the cave to check her remains were still where he had left them.

They were.

"You see, you can't hurt me now. You left my babies - YOUR babies - without their mother! And they never had a father - unless you count Agustin, he's a good guy. Unlike YOU!"

"But you're dead. You can't bug me now."

"That's not how it works."

She would pop up at the most unexpected times.

One night, Agustin disturbed a burglar.

"I haven't got much, but all the money I have is in the desk drawer. But please leave the little ones alone!"

"It's not your money I want."

"I'm not just a common thief! And Jessica sent a message for you - she'll be in touch about her things."

"These are MY children, and I am taking them with me. If you so much as breathe a word about this to anyone, I WILL know, and I WILL be back."

Trepie hired a babysitter, Cynthia McGuire, and built a delightful home on an island for the children. He built a large, open-plan house for the three of them on an island, because he couldn't see how childen and boats could mix.

"But this is secluded, and close enough to my diving spots."

He had met her at the Prism Art place, where she was doing part-time admin for the college. He moved her in as babysitter and soon they were married. "Why should I pay her?"

She loved the children, and was very happy to be surrogate mum to them. The island was so peaceful a place. Between them, they gradually built up the house.

Trepie also kept his boat. It was his base for his business, and also, well, Jessica's remains were there. Or at least, close by.

But she still haunted him. And in the end, he mostly left the boat to her.

Jessica, in turn, decided to write a book. It's called Being Dead. Class: Non-fiction.

Back on the boat, which was still moored alongside the diving spot, above what he now thought of as Jessica's Cave.

"Maybe I should really move it sometime. Nah."

"Oh Jessica! The children are fine. I've even got a nice babysitter to look after them."

"Good. Then I shall sleep well."