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Kutto's Bachelor Challenge

Part 1


The only rules I made were for the choice of contestants. I chose ladies who should not be in love with anyone else (defined as having three bolts), had to be single and available. I wanted to use Sims that already existed in Strangeways, so they had some history - and some already knew Kutto or one another, some had skills, some did not. I'm looking for bolts and scores of 100... no other rules.


I took the first to apply... that meant some from the Families Bin who had not yet been (re-)housed, and a few others from Strangeways.

Kutto was the Manager of a Building Firm. He totally refused to part with his dogs. "Where I go, they go."

Snowball, the competition hasn't even started yet.

"But he's cute!"


Kutto interviewed them all.

"Snowball, I'm sorry, but you - well, your Sims 3 Self-sim actually WON another challenge, and you are already romantically involved with another Sim. Or three."

Aussie was lovely, but more interested in his bonsai tree than in him.

Once she started to talk to him rather than the plant, they discovered they had a great deal in common, including liking ladies.

"Yeah, I was foster mum to Immy; little bugger that he is. Anyhow, he's done quite well, graduated now. So my work there is done."

Rosemary Minouz was what Kutto called "a bonny lass", thoughtful, polite and very pleasant on the eye.

"Hey, the first thing I want to say is - we miss you, Miss Simmiecal."

"At least my pixels are still here," she smiled.

Gina said she didn't know anyone in this neighbourhood, and her goal in life was just to find a nice home and settle down. But she didn't feel Kutto was quite her cup of tea.

Jess Marie Pedeau, recently graduated in Psychology, had a nasty cough.

MsMaria. They talked about the weather. Also didn't fancy Kutto much.

"Gosh, this feels like going to see the headmaster! But I might get lucky!"

Sally Jo Thespus taslked a lot about her University days, where she had studied drama.

getting started and the first set of interviews lasted all day.

At the end of it, the day's results: Gina, MsMaria, and Jess Marie decided they are not interested in Kutto, though Aussie thought Jess Marie was cute.

They all left with a handshake of 20K, and no hard feelings, leaving Sally Jo and Rosemary.

A new batch of contestants arrived, ready to continue the interviews in the morning.

Annan and Phyl.lis of course completely ignored Tigress Kitten, who couldn't care less.

Tigress Kitten. "Not my type, doll, but thanks for the 20K!"

Annann was currently just getting back to her job as a Campaign Manager after some time off sick and had not long been back at work, so her request was not as self-centered as it at first sounded. "It's vital that I not be late for work tomorrow!" But of course nobody knew that.

Phyllis Provamel. Kutto actually shuddered when he came to interview her, and marked her down as a definite "No!" She was quite a bit older than him. Phyllis was Jess marie's foster-mum and they talked about her a little.

"She's ah - very outgoing for a girl of her age."

"She always was. I can't tell you how many times the police brought her home. But she did graduate, got a decent grade. I don't know what she will do now, and really, she's not my problem any more. But we keep in touch."

"So what's your job?"

"Oh, I'm just a Trash Talker. Keeps me in food, and it's very easy."

"What do you like to do in your spare time?"

""I like to make pottery. In her underwear - it's easier to wash the clay out of nylon."

"Ahh... TMI! Next!"

Sally Jo making coffee for the slightly dazed Kutto.

Our final two contestants, later that day, were Bea Angelnuts and Liz Frillen.

The inevitable bathroom discussion.

The only one of ALL the contestants that farted hearts for Kutto was Bea.

"I sorta think the daddy is Fairlight, cos I was staying at his, but, well, you know, it coulda been... someone else... Yah, I have a career. I'm a Legal Secretary! I wanted to go to Uni but - well, they said it would be better for all concerned that I not go. I never really got that."

So the final list of contestants is

And with this, Kutto was well pleased.

"Now I am gonna build a contest house," he announced with glee. He didn't tell any of the women, but this was the real reason he had signed up for the contest. So that he could build the house. He planned it as a showpiece.

"Ladies, I will be in touch as soon as the house is ready for occupation. Pack some party clothes and swimsuits!"



The Location

The Offices are here.

The Cast

Kutto Prorogue is from MATY here

Snowball is from MATY here.

Jess Marie Pedeau is from MATY here and played a starring role in Craig Dorm 2.

MsMaria is on EA website here

Annann Ackersim is from MATY here and starred in the Inspiration Challenge.

Phyllis Provamel is from MATY here

Gina Avers is from MATY here. (Simmiecal, RIP).

Rosemary Minouz is Self-Sim of Minouz; her self-Sim is from Insimadult here (adult site). She's also on Insimenator, which is not an adult site, and makes wonderful RenGal outfits. (Her Sim, of course, uses the lovely RenGal shape by Warlokk.)

Tigeress Kitten is also from InsimAdult here. Another RenGal. I've used both her Sims 2 and Sims 3 Self-Sims, she's always fun.

Bangelnuts has her own page on MATY Wikka, though I couldn't find the page I downloaded her from on MATY. I also don't have links for the originals of Aussie One, Sally Jo Thespus, Liz Frillen. I believe they were all from MATY. But I can't find them at the moment. If you have the links please contact me.

Building Company Offices are made by me and downloadable here.