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150 Main Street

This is a remodel of Don Lothario's house, a Maxis-made house in Pleasantview that I made for a contest on N99. I rebuilt it with Angela Pleasant in mind: she had just dropped out of University and returned to Pleasantview rather dejected, so her parents bought her a house.

It was made completely with Maxis items, because I had no downloads in my game at all when I built it, being in the middle of a trace-that-download cycle. But it was made with all Stuff packs and Expansion Packs.

If you want to see more detail, each picture will expand when you click on it.

street.png (1428030 bytes)

I was originally thinking of a castle style but I didn't have my castle downloads. I DID find some interesting BV stuff though.

And yes, you can swim!

mythology.png (1454226 bytes)

I love this mythological SimAztec beastie, reminds me of something....

kitchen.png (1535585 bytes)

Whoops - forgot the crisps.

bedroom.png (1770381 bytes)

Bedrooms shouldn't be chilly places.

roof.png (1304304 bytes)

Going high up on the roof.

zen.png (1773877 bytes)

Zen garden.

I was asked to show the floor plan so here it is:

Ground Floor, with a largish sitting room, to show off the baronial-style fireplace, and the oddly-shaped space used for kitchen/dining room, bathroom tucked into the corner.

Upstairs is simply the open-plan bedroom, again with fireplace - mediaeval days were COLD! and balcony, access to upper balcony or "tower".

Overall plan showing balcony and tower. I had LOTS of fun building this place and I highly recommend playing sometimes with Maxis-content only, limiting yourself to this can be surprising. That's how I discovered the plaque with ancient SimAztec Simivarius.

Sita April-May 2010