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Inspiration Challenge

The Challenge from Neighbourhood 99

Pick a decorating style from the list below, decorate a room(s), and show it on N99. This should be a decorating style that you are not really comfortable doing. In other words a difficult decorating theme for you... for example, my most difficult decorating project would be Morroccan...

The Extra (INSPIRATION) Challenge: Post photos of a room(s) you've decorated in any of these decorating styles!

Decorating Styles to Choose From

1. Shabby Chic
2. French Provincial
3. Beach
4. Italian
5. Oriental
6. Island
7. Grunge
8. Parisian
9. Ultra Modern
10. Retro
11. Moroccan
12. Eclectic
13. Victorian
14. Mountain

This is an open challenge so you can contribute whenever you feel like it!


Well, for me, I very rarely decorate ANYTHING in modern style. So here's my "Out of the Comfort Zone" room.

Annann Ackersim moved from her small terraced house into her own property; now she had a little money she bought her own place. (This was Nectere Pronup's old house and had grown with her family from a very small bungalow.)

The place felt huge after her tiny rented terraced house. She had a look around the neighbourhood. It was still desert, of course, as this was Strangeways. The house was a converted barn. Maybe sometime she could do something with the garden too.

She hired an architect to design what the architect called the "Family Room".

"Well, it isn't going to HAVE a family; there is just me. But I want it luxurious and MODERN!

I love to read, to cook, music and SOME artworks.

Everything all in one room."

It was horribly expensive, but as she didn't have to pay for it, it was fine! The tiles are from SimEchoes, part of the Pietra Millionaire Tile set, and probably the most expensive thing on the lot.

The architect chose some original artworks for this corner, and placed her computer on a low pedestal with that rolled up cushion to sit on.

Lace curtains for privacy - although this was desert, there were neighbours.

There was a special continuous lighting track around the kitchen and island area.


There is quite a bit of CC in this room.