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Sim Challenge


  Neighbourhood 99

The challenge is to Create several sims with features that you don't normally use. Then show us them out and about in your game. You can even show us them in a few different clothing/hairstyles. Let us see the same sim in a couple of different ways.

Show off your sims and your makeover skills.

You can post your pictures in the picture video forum area.  Anyone who uploads pictures can post a link to their thread in here. That way everyone will be able to find your posts.


I can't make Sims without putting them in a house and a Hood and playing them, so here they are.

First I thought I might make some anime style people? They always seem to me to have huge eyes and small noses and mouths. So that was my starting point. Credit for the silly names to my boyfriend.

N. X. Perment is probably the closest to that style.

nxclose.png (687484 bytes)

He's a little camera shy and hard to catch.

nx.png (933006 bytes)

I discovered a custom skin called decedent in my folder, and that really inspired most of the rest of NX. He's turned out to be a gamer who is an Elf..

tess.png (826182 bytes)

Tess T Atoll

I sneaked this picture when she wasn't looking.

tessmirror.png (858993 bytes)

Tess is fat, (by EA standards), wears short dress, is shy, sensitive about her looks. (My Sims in my main game very rarely wear mini skirts.) Also the headband style is something I just don't do, but on her it seems to work. She is a WoW player and is already deeply attracted to both the Elf and the giant, as she thinks of them.

T. Esther Aufthins

She will never ever tell what the T stands for. I'm most pleased with her, of this batch. She really has some nice bonestructure, to my eyes a little exotic, as if she comes from some strange Arabian country. 

tputer.png (480467 bytes)

tatpark.png (862210 bytes)

I don't remember where her dress came from but it's getting lots of attention. And I love those boots. Pictures taken at Dincer's Anatolian Ruins Park.

trevor.png (630306 bytes)

Trevor Oneida

It's rare I give male Sims major hair. The personalities of these Sims were pretty random, but they are defining their own personalities as I play them. Trevor already seems very outgoing. Oh and he is barefoot

trevornight.png (717959 bytes)

Trevor looks good by night too.

 haus.png (1064102 bytes)

They live in a house made by Peggy (which unfortunately doesn't photograph well).

wizard.png (833847 bytes)

Pescado says "If at first you don't succeed, kill yourself, roll a wizard and try again!"

All four are in the Gamer career. (Well they are so odd looking, to my eyes, that was the only career they could fit in!) And I am not sure Trevor, at least, will keep his job.

Sita 24 July 2010