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Starr's Fixer-Upper

Jymm Gulbenkian

He moved into an old house for a renovation challenge. Starr's Fixer-Upper.

This house was a very old house that had been cruelly modernised. He and the Architect decided to restore it to its former glory, as a very old ld town house.

"The rules are as usual --
1. No changes to the basic structure -- that is, the outer walls must remain structurally the same. You can, however, change the siding, the windows/doors and yes, even the roofline.
2. Inside, anything goes. Tear down or add walls, move stairs, whatever. And then deco in whatever style you choose.
3. Landscaping is optional.
4. You can use whatever cc you want (or not) without any budget restrictions."

Finished lots should be posted in our new Decorator's Corner --> http://starlightsims.yuku.com/forums/149

He had a grant of 1 Motherlode only. After that, said the Architect, he was on his own.

They restored the old Fachwerk walls, and replaced more suitable windows. A hedge was planted; the plan was for topiary hedging when he was able to spend the time (and money) on it.

Upstairs, his living quarters were quite simple.

The bedroom was just large enough.

A tiny dressing room contained the phone and a dresser.

Kitchen. Table. Violin. Comfortable chaise. Offscreen is a cheap telly.

And some special pieces from his collection over the stairway.

A tiny but luxurious bathroom with some special Victorian panelling. Matching doors would have to wait till he made some money with the shop; he had laid out too much on stock.

Downstairs, they made a Victorian-styled bric-a-brac store.

The whole of the downstairs floor was shop space. There was even room for his weaving loom at the back of the shop, practically the only thing that was not for sale.

As soon as he opened up his bric-a-brac shop he had three customers! Dawn Bast, Aggie von Shitdisturber, Snowball Mazon, and Angel Live were fascinated. They studied the little items on his shelves for hours.

More customers - the neighbourhood welcoming committee. Holly Anderson, Kevin TMC Morecambe, and Danni Purple, were also immediately attracted by the immense range of bric-a-brac he had in store.

Being a shopkeeper is not all sweetness and light and cash-register skills. For example, on his second day's trading,

Jak Giggy, allowed out of the Asylum for a shopping expedition, decided to become a Victorian standard lamp.

And Lord Woot dropped in, but Jymm wondered if he should ask him to leave for bothering his customers.

"No, thank you. I don't like handcuffs."


I thought Gulbenkian is a self-Sim from MATY, but I can't find him now.
Much of the clutter and furniture is from VitaSims.