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Sita's Constructo Challenge Part 1

The Newsons' House

Rules http://starlightsims.yuku.com/topic/55700/Constructo-Challenge-Up-to-Step-6-of-10 (Sims 3 version)

The Newsons are a Bin family. Playing the Uberhood and I wanted to house them; this seemed an interesting way to do it.

Step 1: Main Bathroom

Because of the nature of this family, (two teens, two children and two toddlers!) I had to put in a potty and changing table. I am working on the assumption that the toddlers will be grown before anyone starts thinking about weddings or having babies in the bathroom.

Not sure what you would call the style - Eclectic antiques, Art Nouveau, flowery, French Country maybe.

Step 2. The Kitchen

Again constrained by the sheer size of this family, I put in two high chairs and a big bench seat for dining, with a couple of spare chairs for visitors - the same arrangement my Austrian Gran had to allow for when her very large family came to visit - of cours in reality about 8 children could sit on what three Sims sit on.


One corner is not exactly a pantry but a place to put things.

There are plenty of pictures and lots of mugs. (Taken later, this shows a little of the hallway as well).

It's very much a working kitchen.