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Hallowe'en Festival

Sims in this Neighbourhood headed to the pop-up October Festival.

It's near the end of Wright Road.

It's like Brigadoon, it only happens every so many years. Some think that's just as well.

Side view, showing refreshments. Flapjacks are very popular.

The way in.

The girls are sewing Hallowe'en tapestries.

Somehow he thought he was dreaming.

Rusty old watertank for a quick bathe.

Sometimes a scare can feel like a cold shower.

It's all right, Randy, I don't think he saw you.

"They don't pay me enough to put up with the likes of you!"

The old Hispaniola is no longer seaworthy but fully accessible.

There is a rather special bowling alley, behind it the tables for pumpkin-carving competition.

Even eating brains, one must be civilised and sit at a table.

"Why must you always copy what I do?"

Emeline Estella took the opportunity to beat up her sister, Annie Emmeline.

Fully trained medical staff is always on hand to deal with emergencies.

"Hahahaha I win!"


Most of the Hallowe'en goodies are from Carrigon at Sims2Workshop.

The trees and most of the walls are by kativip.