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Brzozowski Buildings

See also Brzozowski Mall, Brzozowski Small Cottage

Brzozowski Hallam House

Inspired by the wonderful, watercolour works of Tyrus Brzozowski, which are in turn inspired by old-style Warsaw.

The lot has been playtested.

Cost §TBA

Download coming soon

This is a x residential lot, made with all EPs and SPs installed. Of course, it would fit onto any larger lot size. There's plenty of room for landscaping or gardening. I played it as a small farm lot, growing lavendar and some herbs.

It does use an item from the Store Mother Russia Set, the roof onion, of course, a door and a fence, which I have decrapified. I believe the lot will still load without it, the game will likely substitute some other decor object. There is also a door and window from Mutske's Insta-Door set free from TSR.


Sita September 12, 2016