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Herald Offices

The Herald offices are a new build, brand new newspaper and/or business offices for your world. I built them for Twinbrook. The rabbit hole is in the basement, or if you like you may substitute a rabbit-hole rug.

Rear car park - would benefit from some landscaping but the Editor says it has to take second place to getting the the newspaper out on time.

Reception is always busy - the receptionist is rather a flirt. There is an artificial hedge as a room divider, and the green carpets were the architect's contributions.

This junior reporter has been assigned to write about the miniature cowplant. She is not quite sure it's safe.

Boardroom or Conference room.

The Editor's Office.

The reporters have a room close to Reception.

The upper floor of the building has not been developed yet, but has ample room for offices, further meeting rooms, bars, etc.


November 30, 2016