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The Association of Nectar Growers Headquarters

I made this for a Forum Chistmas back in 2013.

There is a houseboat, with Sim, in this case she's assigned to the bar.

And the Association building. This is a lot built on a small island. A community lot; it's actually a port.

Much of the island is taken up with the vineyard proper, which grows all kinds of vines and a few other unusual plants.

The main building has a meeting hall upstairs for the Association to get together and discuss fine Nectars.

The bar is just visible here at the right.

Probably a lot for a warm world; it might get a bit draughty in winter so Sims are encouraged to dance to keep warm. The wide, grand staircase is just the thing to descend in those lovely full ballgowns. After several Nectars, it might be wise to hold the handrail.

A balcony runs around above the ballroom for talent-spotters.

On the ground floor, behind the ballroom and stairs, is a lounge, furnished with a small bar.

The nectar processing area and all the stored wines are of course in the basement. Along with a few sarcophagii discovered during the excavation of the Nectary's foundation.

The houseboat uploaded with a random Sim, and is VERY barely furnished. But then she won't be spending much time on the boat.

Download the houseboat and sim

If you don't want her, simply move her out once the houseboat is placed - she's just a random EAism. It's a ploy to get a permanent resident on the Community Lot. I set her to Bartender with NRAAS Register, but she needs to work on her skills and prefers gardening.

The houseboat will not work if the sea is not deep enough.