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The Pickel Slug*

This Community lot contains, from left to right, the Pickel Brewery, a shop (currently awaiting occupation) the Pickel Post Office, and the Pickel Slug Public House. The building itself is quite old and built on a rather steeply sloped Lot. The two central sales units were developed for letting by the owners of the brewery and have space on three floors.

The brewery manager's office is quite extravagant.

Here in plan view, the Manager's Office, behind it the secretaries' office, and part of the brewery proper.

Sorry about the boxes, they are actually on the floor above. I have no idea why they show through.

More of the brewery and employees' toilets.

The empty sales unit.

Post Office, complete with clerk.

And a shelf full of those essential forms everyone needs.

The public bar of the Pickel Slug

A small, specialised room for the Pickel Slug Darts Team.

This was built on a sloping lot, in Sunset Valley, and may not work exactly as intended on other lots. It's on Pinochle Point.

Download the building so far.

For the Post office, I'm told that the type of till used is important, so this will be a consignment store till, not a general store till as I had it. Those only work in "foreign" countries.


* A Pickel Slug is a creature found in another game\virtual world where you will often find me, A Tale in the Desert.

Every city I've ever lived in has had a pub called "The Slug and Lettuce" and it's a sort of play on that... and of course on pickled :) which is what your Sims will get if they spend enough time here..

July 6, 2016