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Gerber House

Gracious living for a single Sim or a small family who enjoy entertaining. This home was VERY loosely based on an English stately home. Of course it is far smaller but it still has the essence of gentility. And three fireplaces for those cold English winters.

Shown here set in the rolling Sunset Valley landscape.

A great home for a small Sims family, or luxurious living for a single or couple. All on one floor, with beautiful grounds, the house has three large reception rooms, separate kitchen and dining rooms, large bathroom and bedroom, and space for more. (I left part of the Lot undecorated to keep costs down; simply add doors, furnishings etc to your taste.) Parking for two cars.

Made with Sims 3 basegame only.

Cost to your Sim: 80,943


March 20, 2017