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Brzozowski Buildings

See also Brzozowski Small Cottage and Brzozowski Large Cottage

Brzozowski Elixir Store

Inspired by the wonderful, watercolour works of Tyrus Brzozowski, which are in turn inspired by old-style, pre WWII Warsaw.

As it looks in my neighbourhood, overlooked by the cinema, close to the river and bridge.

A winter shot.


This is a 50 x 25 community lot, made with all EPs and SPs installed.

I have used some decrapified Store items here, in particular the items from Last Venue of Amore Set and the door from the Grim's set. If you don't have them, your game will simply load some other (usually decorative) item.

There is also an arch-column by Luna. The filename is luna_arcosemi2 medieval and if you don't already have it you can get it here.

Sita September 12, 2016