Cheats and Tips for Sims 1 Makin' Magic

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Lot 99 is a special Lot, visible in Lot Manager. It is the one Sims can reach by climbing a beanstalk. Sims have to do A LOT of magic on a lot to encourage the beanstalk to grow. Some beanstalks don't work. Climbable beanstalks have 17 segments, others have only 16.

Magic homes - the Sim has to already have enough Magic Coins to buy them, to be able to access them.

Prepare and use one of every spell or charm in the spellbook, just to see what it does.

Then use the household charms to clean and water and such instead of the usual services; this will help increase the "magical ambience" quicker, which means you'll get more magic plants and ability crystals faster. It's also a cheaper solution.

Charms that aren't used up yet are light sources and quite decorative. So are the ability crystals which spawn in the garden.

Skill dependencies

Wand charging Cooking
Charm making Mechanical
Stage performance in Magic Town Logic
Snake Charming Charisma



Don't buy wands from the box-delivering NPC. If you want more than one magician in the house, just have the others use the wand charger and then there's an interaction option to get a wand if you don't have one.

Rain of Riches

Ok this cheat is way more fun than rosebud. First it is a very good idea to get full logic.

To get full logic for your sims, buy a chessboard or a checkers board, (chess is better as it is more fun and will keep them green for longer.)
Then you need to get them in a good mood.

Go to Magic town. You can either jump into the hole or call a hot air balloon.

Visit " Serra glen". Buy 1 bag of sugar, and two bunches of elderberries.

Then, go home, and buy a nectar press. Add to the nectar press, your sugar and both your bunches of elderberries. Get your sim to press them. This in itself is funny!
Add the elderberry nectar to your inventory. Back to Magic Town.
Once in Magic Town you need to find Apothecary Todd's stand. Then click on Todd and click "barter"he will say, "you know, I am no magician, but I can turn that bottle of Elderberry Nectar in your pocket into a rubber chicken. How about it?"
Now you need to buy the next ingredient, so earn some magicoins. Then find Mara and her stand. You can now buy diamond dust for 199 magi coins. Now yyou have two out of the three ingredients.

Go home.Now buy a honeycomb. Tell your sim to make beeswax. Once he has finished, add the beeswax to his inventory. Then buy a charm maker. You need to be in a good mood and have full logic for this charm, as if you are not it will go horribly wriong. Add beeswax, a rubber chicken and diamond dust to your charm maker.

Faerie dust is gold!

If you have your child play with one of the pink boxy toy chest, they will get faerie dust. If you try to sell it immediately, you only get one simolean. Big deal! BUT.... if you leave it a day or two, and then sell it, you get 68 simoleans! We're talking Big Bucks if you get say, 10 bags of faerie dust if you make your kid play on it all day, that would make you 680 simoleans a day!

Sita January 19, 2019