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The currency of Magic Town. The original game was designed to be a game-within-a-game - to gather Magicoins enough to do what you wanted to do ie buy a house in Magic Town, by "earning" the Magicoins.

What Things Cost

At Vicky Vampirus Station

Dragon nest=49mc
Dragon scales=21mc
Dragon tears=24mc
Dragon treats=5mc
Dragon chew toy=8mc

At Mara's station

Dimon dust=199mc
Pixie dust=31mc
Golden thred=14mc
Sands of time=25mc

At A. Todd's station

Magic beans=27mc
toad sweet=21mc
Lama spit=25mc


Earning It

The single best payout for magicoins is duelling, though the payout depends on your opponent's logic score (vendors always have 10). This is nice, because it doesn't require any skills for your playable Sim.

If you have a high logic score, however, the best payout is the stage performer option. It doesn't give as much per shot, but by clicking on the stage right as you begin a trick (leave your mouse over the stage so you don't miss it) you can queue tricks up indefinitely - or at least until your Sim gets too grumpy to perform. (Although it's not as good an earner at lower logic levels, I'd recommend using it then anyway, just because the failed tricks are funny.)


Evict a family from their home and move them back in. When you do so, the Mystery Man will come to your house and drop a Magico starter kit which contains 35 Magicoins. You can save the coins and do this as often as you like.


A Sim can only carry 32,767 Magicoins at once, and MagiCo's Bookshelf of Dimensional Storage will only hold 30,000.

Items to help or cheat

Simslice has Slater's Starter Kit - a "hot" version of the original MM box but with far more coins, Toad Skins, etc in it. Archived here.

If your Sim has too MANY Magicoins, you can use Simslice's Magicoin Flusher to get rid of the excess...

Sita January 24, 2019