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15 March 2022


30 December 2022

I've had a long hiatus, but I'm back.

The Sims 1 SimSlice objects have been removed from my archive: Heather Castillo-Alvey wrote to me to request this. She says you can find them to download at

she says, "as the backend at Simslice is outdated and we just don't have time to fix it right now."

Anyone who wishes to contact her, and SimSlice himself, may do so through their discord:

Thank you.
Heather Castillo-Alvey


Sims 2 buildings.

Unseen University. A huge Community Lot, with plenty of things to do.



8 June 2021

Gomez and Morticia


8 March 2021

Updated site a little. Basically, 2020 did not happen here.

30 January 2020

Collecting some pictures of the last few months of Sims 3 in IP.

28 January 2020

I have rearranged the Archive of Sims 1 files. Some pages still need updating.

Is it really so long since I updated? I can only plead health, or the lack of it.

Back to Sims 3, and London.

25 December 2019

The New Ghostbuster

19 March 2019


9 February 2019

A few new walls.

19 January 2019

I've updated the page on Makin' Magic and added some information about Magicoins to the area.

10 January 2019

Still struggling with Sims 1. But I managed to make a few Victorian tiles today for here.

30 December 2018

I've been playing again. But today I discovered that Simblesse Oblige website has gone: this is a great sadness. For now, most of the downloadables are salvaged - see this thread on TerraLuna. I don't think we'll be able to recoup the wonderful Sims 1- specific wisdom and experience hosted by that forum.

Updated Sims 1 Easter Eggs page.

9 November 2018

Well my is crashing badly on me again. So I've been playing . And then my Polyhood died. I discovered AFTERWARDS of course, that moving the Sims' graves around is a Very Bad Thing. Sadly, that was an integral part of my story (I was making Olive's home into the district's main cemetery.)

So I'm playing in Konigsberg. Older Konigsberg stories begin here. The latest story is here. You can get the world Konigsberg Later, a large relatively urban world which I made, here.

I've updated some of the Sims 2 information pages. The Large Female page for Sims 2, for instance, as I have a few variously-shaped Sims in Konigsberg. More soon.

8 October 2018

The Steins' Photo Album from Silent Hill.


14 September 2018

I've been playing mostly Sims 2 lately.

Some updates: Oddnesses

Konigsberg Later

Konigsberg 2 Kaylynn's Revenge

Konigsberg 3 The Ottomas


July 9 2018

More from Lucky Palms.


June 29 2018

Some stories from Lucky Palms.1 2


April 28 2018

A story from Bourgeneuf. You might remember the Bonkerer family. Well some of them moved to this beautiful French town...


April 2 2018

I made two large houses with many many attics to hide things in...

March 16 2018

What happened to the Beaker family.

The final form of the Beaker home rebuild. (Click on the image for link).

March 15 2018

I've been playing Sims 2. The Beaker mansion (castle?) was destroyed and this is all that was left.

So Loki used some of his considerable fortune to build a new house over the crater.

Once they have moved back in, he intends to expand the house a lot more.

January 17 2018


Another gap in posting: January 2 2018

A new world - Sortner's Malm. Both tales have someone familiar in them.

The Acadia Fairy

Sortner's Malm

November 19

Konigsberg photo album.

October 29

The Rattlesnake Bank.

October 25

Rattlesnake, the Second Fit

September 28

Rattlesnake Ridge - Fit the First

September 9

T'Resa and Brandt Lights in Paradise

August 7

And introducing The Clouseau Institute!

August 6

Continuing my London story More London and Lister and Lights.

July 14

Long time no post!

Here is a little story from London. London Dwarf.

May 21

I got my Sims 1 working! And it is SOO adictive. And so much fun, haven't opened any other game.. . I've made a few things. See here. Also been updating links and Yahoo links.

April 11

I've been looking at worlds. Made a set of links to currently-available ones.

Back to Barnacle Bay and BB2: Success for the Snapes

March 23

A converted factory for Sims to live in.

March 20

Tita's Academy has had some fairly major renovations done, and new collections added.

Mid-Century Duplex homes

March 1

Kreeh Peeh Kreek

January 15

Some stories from Venice Lagoon start here.

January 2017

I've updated the section on Prefab homes.

November 16

Experimenting with roadless worlds.

Invia nunquam

November 10, 2016

A historic day, I suppose.

I sort of feel like this female - er - zombie.

The Trump Taj Mahal

October 26

Mediaeval Small Houses. 5 new tiny and very mediaeval homes.

October 9

Back to the Butts!

September 30

Dr Terrible's Science Lab is recruiting!

September 26

Another building for my Brzozowski-inspired world, Tytus. The Full-Bodied Businessman's Association Gym.

September 12

I've been working on a set of buildings. All inspired by the watercolour paintings of Tyrus Brzozowski.

The Brzozowski Themed Buildings.

September 10 2016

Back to Umay in Lunar Lakes.

September 3 2016

Jolie-Laide, a new Sim.

August 30 2016

Back to Bleake Islands.

August 20 2016

Lifestories - the first of an occasional series.

August 19 2016

Some new photos.

Curious-Lights in Midnight Hollow.

August 2 2016

Progress on Transmogrification for the geeks among us.

And a wedding and a farce for T'Resa Lights in Coconut Island.

July 26 2016

Sims 3A new residential property; a rather grand house called Century House. Which century is not clear.

July 24 2016

Umay finally reached her LTW and aged down, previously thought to be an impossible feat for Mummies.

July 23 2016

Back to Lunar Lakes and Umay.

July 16 2016

Some building experiments led to Witch's house. Downloadable in no-CC form here.

July 9 2016

The Salamans moved to the Bleake Islands.

June 28 2016

More from Wild Palms.

Politics and Assassins.

June 25 2016

Having finally made it to Rock Star, Elvis moved to Venice Lagoon.

June 11 2016

Lustron Houses for Wild Palms.

May 2 2016

March 17 2016

Sims 3I've updated the stories of TitaI Lights and her family in Starlight Shores, starting here.

March 3 2016


A new Sim. Gagool, a fearsome witch.

Pantharapalli City Hall

A new Town Hall, or offices.

February 22 2016

Added a few photos.

February 16 2016


A new home for your Sims [ The Castle ]


February 4 2016

Blog updated, for the anniversary of SIMS 1!

Sims 3Wild Palms - a new desert world, or an old world with new Sims. And some old favourites.

More of Jezzer

The Gas Station

Sunset at Sunrise

The Race

Separating Craigs and Oona Goes Wild

Craigs in Wild Palms



January 8 2016

More Great Bear

Once again McDark

The O'Dourkes

Sadly, my Sims 2 Uberhood is now officially dead.

December 21

A sprinkling of stories from Great Bear.

Sims 3The Rakenface Sisters and Bert Labum

Sims 3More of Bert

Sims 3Manuelita Garcia


November 30

Sims 3Information about PlantSims

Jessica Minh and the twins

November 20

Sims 3Anon in Paradise

November 19

Sims 3

Back to Isla Paradiso. The Curious-Lights family moved in... the place will never be the same.

November 11


Some new homes for your Sims 2 Elders. [ The Mission ] [ OAP 1 ] [ OAP 2 ] [ OAP 3 ]

November 9

The Bus Stop.

November 4

A couple more updates from the Uberhood. The stories of the Ottomas and the Gothier families.

October 31

Hallowe'en Festival


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