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Rattlesnake Ridge - Fit the Second



Clouseau spotted a thief at the park, who was still wearing his work clothes and mask. He didn't manage to identify him, but thought he looked familiar.

But the opportunity for advancement slipped by when he was distracted by a beautiful lady.

Winter. Most of the renovations to Clouseau's old house (Three Fangs) were done. It did look beautiful in the snow. However, there were still skeletons in the crypt, but they would have to be respectfully removed by an appropriate tradesman, and the town didn't seem to have an undertaker, so far. So Clouseau put in a petition, and soon an undertaker was appointed, a solemn young man named Levar Dailey. He carefully and respectfully removed all the skeletons and gave them decent burial.

Levar Dailey.

Levar's work place.

Snow meant snowmen! Jom, it's not THAT good!

Some kind of accident happened, which was never explained. There were two Clouseaus? Clouseaux?

Once they got rid of the second Clouseau, he decided to go with Jom to Shang Simla to study Martial Arts.

"THIS is the terracotta army? They look more like old bronze."

It was a short trip.

Immediately after their return, Jom was arrested. He didn't like that much. Nor did Clouseau.

"All this time, I have nursed a traitor in my bosom! To think, what he could have done to me - or to the bank!"

Jom, in turn, was cool. Very cool.

"AH! That's warmer!"

Clouseau and his girlfriend Sal Ferguson -

"Oh, Sal!"

"Don't look outside, Jacques..."

To be continued.