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The Rattlesnake Bank

The Director is Inspector Clouseau.

Current vacancy: Security Chief since Jom Garibaldi was fired.

Original building by Cutsocks from Mod the Sims 2. Apologies for the changes!

Public gem display. Large Luminorious Gems, Rainbow Gems and of course Opals.

There is a counter clerk here; this is her day off. The skull-cut display was Jom Garibaldi's speciality, before he was fired.

Like most banks, there are far more treasures in the vaults than are ever seen by customers.

They take much arranging and re-arranging.

Some are still in the old cabinets, awaiting better displays.

The Director is easily distracted. "A terrarium would fit in well here. Yes, it would."

These lockers are a mystery. The Director assumes Garibaldi has the keys; will have to wait till he comes out of jail.

Meeting people in the public area of the Bank.

Sometimes things get a little out of hand.

"We shouldn't have done that."

"No, no, we shouldn't have done that, Mrs Anwar."