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Umay Starting Again

She bought the Crater lagoon fishing spot. It needed a lot of work, but she liked the place. Thought she might even move her trailer over there.

Put the Angel fish in aquariusm, sold some more fish. Wanted more Deathfish: they sell for the most money!

Eventually she moved her trailer to a spot much closer to the Crater Lagoon, made it static and enlarged it. The cats were fun, but she was still fairly lonely and some Sims were still quite unpleasant to her, but occasionally she met nice Sims.

Umay did eventually marry. Charles had been a highly successful singer, and then a consignment clerk. Now he wanted to be a sports player. And he wanted a family, which could be an issue as she was of course still sterile.

The little trailer was just not big enough any more.

They decided to adopt a little girl called Maria, and then bought one of Umay's favourite fishing spots, and built a new house there. The wonderful Tree of Knowledge, a gift from her father/creator all those years ago, was successfully transplaned.

"We have our own beach! And our own lake!"

But she was very aware that Charles was ageing. He would not be here forever. She tried to paint him, but the picture came out incredibly dark and gloomy.

It did show his love for the sun-flower plant, with which he would dance every morning.

And the cats - well, they were happy enough, fed up of fleas but successfully catching valuable beetles.

To be continued.

Sita May 16, 2019