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Do It All Challenge

I'm doing this in a very light way, trying to find out what I have done already, and what I can complete as I go along.

The biggest challenge for me is to get a family through several generations. This usually mean rescuing them from old saves when the current game "breaks", ie moving them to another "world".

Types of Sim Played


Rotation Problems

University Degrees

Sita's Geeky LTWs

Lifetime Wants


Types of Sim Played

Careers (rabbitholes)

Film Acting/Actor Nina Snape in Barnacle Bay        
Art Appraiser/Appraisal (rebel)          
Astronomy/Space Explorer          
Business Kiki Assgrabbar        
Criminal/Emperor of Evil Evil Track Trepie Don Salvatore Gotti Giovanni Gotti    
Criminal/Thief Track Dom Garibaldi in Lucky Palms      
Fortune Teller/Mystic          
Fortune Teller/Scam Artist          
Ghost Hunter (Paranormal Expert) Marcella Holmes in London      
Law Enforcement/International Super Spy Hyprekia Snape        
Law Enforcement/Dynamic DNA Profiler Rohina Butt        
Medical: World Renowned Surgeon Cornelius Butt and Mowlam Kewian          
Military Tita Lights          
Music Symphonic branch: Hit Movie Composer
Aria Trill        
Music/Rock branch
Plumbot Arena/Mechanic          
Plumbot Arena/Official          

Political Leader of the Free World
Portia Pertwee        
Professional Sports          
Science Tita Lights        
Sports Agent (jock)
Video Game Developer/Artist (nerd)
Video Game Developer/Engineer (nerd)          

PROFESSIONS (work from home)

Alchemist Jess Snape        
Architectural Designer
Ghost Hunter Marcella Holmes in London      
Magician Jon Pertwee        
Nectar Maker          
Scuba Diver          
Self-Employed Bot Builder          

Rotation Problems

Wishes that don't work with a rotation according to Karen

Firefighter Super Hero-Save 30 Lives on the Job as a Firefighter
Home Design Hotshot-Achieve 100 top reviews as an Architectural Designer
Pervasive Private Eye-Solve 35 Cases as a Private Investigator
Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law-Possess 50,000 simoleons worth of stolen goods

Broken wishes according to Karen

The Ark Builder-Have 2 each of cats, dogs, horses, birds, lizards, turtles, rodents, snakes, butterflies, and beetles


Sita's Geeky LTWs

Collect one cut gem of every type

Collect a full set of Skull Cut Gems

Collect a full set of Large Sculptor's Egg Gems: Durga is working on this

Grow a family up to ten generations.

Invisible Friend: Namarie's friend Fluffs

Get a Pangu's Axe without cheating. Tita Lights.


Alchemy Artisan-Reach Level 10 in Alchemy Skill and use 50 Elixirs

Jess Snape        
Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder-Level 9 in the science career
Become a Master Thief-Level 10 in the criminal career-thief path
Become a Superstar Athlete-Reach level 9 in the sports career
Become an Astronaut-Reach level 10 in the military career
Blog Artist-Reach level 10 in the social networking skill, create a 5 star blog
Bottomless Nectar Cellar[/b]-Have at least 50 bottles worth 50,000 simoleons
Celebrated Five-Star Chef-Reach level 10 in the culinary career
Celebrity Psychic-Make it to level 10 in the Fortune Teller career, Scam artist path
CEO of a Mega-Corporation-Reach level 8 in the business career
Chess Legend-Max logic and reach level 5 in pro chess          
Descendant of da Vinci-Max painting, sculpting, and inventing          
Distinguished Director-Reach level 10 in the film career track (director branch)          
Fashion Phenomenon-Make it to level 10 in the Stylist Profession          
Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler-Reach level 10 in the law career, forensics path          
Gold Digger-See the ghost of a rich dead spouse          
Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers-Max charisma and guitar
Great Explorer-Fully explore 6 tombs in each travel destination          
Heartbreaker-Sim must have 10 boyfriends or girlfriends          
Hit Movie Composer-Reach level 10 in the music career path, symphonic path          
Illustrious Author-Master painting and writing          
International Super Spy-Reach level 10 in the law career, special agent path
Snape and Preethi        
Jack of All Trades-Reach level 5 of 4 different careers Darrick Thorn        
Leader of the Free World-Reach level 10 in the political career          
Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous-Raise 100,000 simoleons and Gain Celebrity Rank 5          
Living in the Lap of Luxury-Family net worth of 263,000 simoleons: Tawanda Thorn, Simbot of the Thorn family, Tita Second Lights (very easy for her as she's an heiress)      

Martial Arts Master-Reach level 10 in martial arts and become a grand master
TitaI Lights        
Master Acrobat-Reach level 10 in the Acrobat Profession
Master Magician-Reach level 10 in the Magician Profession Lonnie Thorn        
Master Mixologist-Reach level 10 in Mixology and own a bar          
Master Romancer-Woohoo with 5 different Sims in 5 different places          
Master of Mysticism-Reach level 10 in the Fortune Teller career, mystic branch          
Master of the Arts-Master painting and guitar          
One Sim Band-Master guitar, bass, drums, and piano          
Paranormal Profiteer-Reach level 10 in the ghost hunter career          
Perfect Mind Perfect Body-Master logic and athletic          
Perfect Student-Earn a Uni degree with a perfect GPA
Physical Perfection-Max athletic and martial arts skills          
Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium-Have 13 perfect fish in fish bowls Umaymanourbese Custerolopoli        
Private Museum-Have a current relic collection worth at least 20,000 simoleons Morton Pertwee        
Professional Author-Earn $4000 simoleans weekly in royalties          
Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups          
Renaissance Sim-Reach level 10 in 3 skills
Rock Star-Reach level 10 in the music career, rock path          
Scientific Specialist-Reach level 10 in the science skill, and level 10 in science,medical,or business career Tita Lights        
Seasoned Traveler-Visa level 3 in all travel destinations          
Star News Anchor-Reach level 10 in the journalism career path
Street Credible-Reach level 10 of the street art skill, create 7 masterpiece murals          
Super Popular-20 friends Nina Snape in BB        
Superstar Actor-Reach level 10 in the film career, acting path Nina Snape in BB        
Surrounded by Family-Raise 5 babies to teens: Doug Kewian see/          
Swimming in Cash-Have 119,000 simoleons Sarcasmus Snape        
The Animal Rescuer-Adopt 6 strays          
The Canine Companion-Befriend 15 dogs          
The Cat Herder-Become friends with 15 cats          
The Culinary Librarian-Learn all cooking recipes          
The Emperor of Evil-Reach level 10 in criminal career, evil path
The Fairy Tale Finder-Adopt a Unicorn          
The Jockey-Reach level 10 riding skill          
The Perfect Garden-Grow 8 different kinds of perfect plants Felix Gardiner Reggiko Alice Archer    
The Tinkerer-Max logic and handiness          
The Zoologist-Collect 20 minor animals Lemuel Pertwee Shemuel Pertwee Lakshmi Lights    
Visionary-Reach level 10 in painting and photography          
Vocal Legend-Reach level 10 in the singing profession
World Renowned Surgeon-Reach level 10 in the medical career
World-Class Gallery-10 photos each from China,Egypt,France, worth at least $25,000          

Island Paradise wishes

Deep Sea Diver-Max scuba skill and sell 40,000 simoleons worth of collectibles          
Grand Explorer-Discover all 8 hidden islands          
Seaside Savior-Rescue 50 drowning Sims as a lifeguard          

Supernatural wishes

Greener Gardens-Reach level 10 in Gardening, and use Bloom 100 times          
Leader of the Pack -Turn 5 Sims into Werewolves, Collect 40,000 Simoleons while Hunting with a Pack          
Magic Makeover-Cast inner beauty on 12 sims and reach level 10 in charisma          
Monster Maker-Create 3 monsters: Pescado in Appaloosa 1 Pesbot. 2Umaymanourbese Custerolopoli 3        
Mystic Healer-Cure 12 Transformed Sims          

Turn the Town-Drink from 20 Sims and turn 5 into Vampires

Zombie Master-Turn 10 Sims into Zombies using Reanimation Ritual or Potent Zombification Elixir          

Into the Future wishes

High Tech Collector-Level 10 Advanced Tech; Windcarver, Dream Pod, Food Synthesizer, Holo Disk, Jet Pack
Made the Most of my Time-Experience all alternate futures and be honored with a Legacy Statue
More than a Machine-Reach level 10 in Bot Building and give a Plumbot sentience          




Forms of DEATH

Old Age
Cow Plant          
Mummy's Curse          
Watery Grave (magician)          
Jelly Bean          


Thirst (vampire)

is this the same as dying from the sunshine?

Haunting Curse (witch)
Dehydration (mermaid)
Falling from the Sky (future)          
Time Anomaly (future) Lance Armstrong        
Human Statue (magician)          
Blunt Force Trauma          

Running out of Air

Drowning/Door of Life and Death