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Polyhood 4

The Beakers

Loki's Nightmare.

Loki and Circe were doing very well in their careers and the biological clocks were ticking, even as their family was growing.

Circe being reluctant to lose what she called "her figure" or any advantage at work, they had adopted several children.

Left to right: Amin, Alan, Scot, Persephone and Amy.

After the nasty incident that had caused their castle to be basically melted into a volcanic slag, Loki and Circe rented a more modern house in the neighbourhood while they waited for the work on the new, improved version of the castle to be completed.

Finally, the new house was complete. Good enough to live in, at least. It still needed a whole lot more work.

They discovered gemstones had formed in the extreme heat of the meltdown. It was possible, with thick shoes, to glean a few stones, and Circe enjoyed doing this.

Loki and Bruce.

There was so much room in the new place that a whole street-ful of dolls' houses could be placed.

And Loki put in an observatory, right on the very top. "We can at least watch the stars in comfort".

Some felt he was tempting Fate. Of course, it was not ignored for long. Circe was the first to be taken.

It was a warm summer night, and everyone came out to celebrate Circe's return. Even Loki arrived home at the exact time.

Even Bruce Rauscher, who had been babysitting, was delighted. Though that might have had something to do with her bikini.

But Circe had something to tell them.

The children set off for school the next morning as usual. All seemed quite excited and happy.

The next day, workmen were due to begin the next phase of building work on the house. They actually completed part of it, an enlargement of the patio area, where Circe planned to install a hot tub.

But the Beakers were nowhere to be seen. Not one of the children had appeared that day at school, neither Amin, Alan, Scot Persephone nor Amy. Nor had Loki arrived at work, nor Circe at the hospital where she was expected in Theatre.

There was speculation in the town that they had all been taken by a flying saucer.

In which case, this may have been their very last view of their house.


At this point I ran Mootilda's Hood Checker and discovered several problems. I don't expect missing Sims to reappear but maybe the Hood will last a little longer.


Some missing Sims did reappear. Johnny Smith and his wife, little Mootilda, and some others. But some kind of plague hit all the little children. They were found lying on the sidewalk outside their homes. Eventually it became apparent that the Hood was corrupt and it's all gone.


Sita November 9, 2018