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More of Jezzer

Jeromy moved out with his cats.

He went to live in the poorer part of town, in an old gas station. He did it up for himself and his cats. He hoped the cats might have kittens, but apart from them, he was alone again.

After an appalling makeover, he insisted the stylist glue all his hair back on.

New look.

Discovered he found gambling amusing. He is now a Lead Reporter, level 8 of Journalism career.

Bumped into Missy Hissy at the Casino. She was astonished to find him here, and quickly resolved to move to Venice.

He fell for Antione, a Consignment Clerk and moved him in as his partner.

"I'm bored with being a newsreader. I'll never get any further, and I've been dreaming of making a little shop - a pie shop!"

"Why not?"

And here it is!

With a butchery beside it to prepare meats for pies and sausages.

Antione helped him with the shop, and the pies were very popular. It's better not to ask what kind of meat is in them; this district has many horse ranches and no cattle.

They decided to take up astronomy and built a tower to stargaze from.