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Witch's House

Witch is a Sim from MATY. She lived for a time in the Bonkers family Asylum, until she escaped. Unfortunately her escape triggered a cascade of events which led to the end of that world in a puff of pink and purple smoke. She personally thought it was the result of Hyprekia's experiments with the Transmogrification Station, possibly multiplied by the sum total of insanity in the Bonkers household ( a very significant amount) or perhaps Witch had made a pact with He-Who-May-Not-Be-Named, but as we can't ask him, who knows.

She moved to Tickpaw Saint Doodledac and through "someone she knew", managed to get herself a newly built Witch House.

During her incarceration she had lost most of her skills - the meds they give you will do that. So she would have to start again.

At least she had a suitable place to live and work in.

Narrow kitchen - and that light is going to have to go, it's just at head-banging height.

The house still looks pretty bare and she sleeps on the sofa. Bedroom upstairs is not decorated yet, that will have to wait.

Comfortable. No orderlies, no meds.

And finally a lovely big hot tub all to herself!

Clarke's third law says that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Storage for nectar and potions.

The basements.

The hidden door in the bathroom leads down to the Spa.


That's an oops. She planned a very special spell for the architect. Once she had fixed the wall.

Architect's note

This house grew out of experiments with basements, which you can see here.

Regards that ladder - well, just remembered I have business in another town. See you in another lifetime, Witch.


Tickpaw St Doodledac is a wonderful world, a forum gift on The Sims Daily forum from Tedhi and Samkat.

Witch's selfsim can be found here.

A simpler form of Witch's house as originally released by the architect, with no CC and unfurnished, with basements but with the ladder set wrong, can be downloaded here.

Sita July 16, 2016