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Stair Experiments

On a level lot.

Place a descending staircase. Do this by selecting the type of stair you want, and a starting spot. notice how your hands move.

For me, using a trackball mouse on a desktop, this involves holding the left-mouse-button briefly, and moving the mouse slightly forward to place the stairs.

If I don't actually hold the left mouse button, I get this kind of non-stair. It may work differently with other mouses.

It's worth playing a little to get a feel for how long to hold the button.

Now, try doing the same thing, this time continuing to hold the left mouse button. Go a little further and the stairs will go deeper down into the ground.

They might even form a turn, as this one has.


The stairs made like this don't directly connect to basements. But that can be remedied. A further addition of basement, starting from the lower landing of the stairs, will be at THAT depth.


I didn't want to make the basement there any longer to add more stairs down, so added a ladder down to a further basement. In basements, ladders and lifts, maybe even poles, are very useful.

Here is a picture of the house I made from these beginnings. See more of it here. Or download the no-CC and unfurnished version of the house here.

The eventual cellar system of this house.

And this is a warning to builders. Make sure you put the ladders in the right way round!

Sita July 16, 2016