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Coconut Island 1

T'Resa Lights decided she needed to make a life of her own. She found an opportunity to take charge of the tiny island Hospital at Coconut Island.

She bought a little house, enlarged it a bit. She had brought with her a lot of uncut gems, soulpeaces and minerals.

With her family legacy, T'Resa built a branch of Tita's Academy on the island, and started to plan a wedding with Reese. But things didn't work out as she hoped, and he moved out.

She fell for a clerk from the new Elixir Consignment Store, where she obviously went regularly to sell her gems and minerals, Brandt Castillo. He grew his hair for her.

And she paid for Tita's Academy with some of the Compendium.

They held a wedding party at the Tomb of the Coco Hut


T'Resa and Brandt had a son, who they called Tranto. They decided that Brandt, currently unemployed since leaving the Elixir shop, would stay home with Tranto till he was old enough to attend the village school.

Meanwhile, T'Resa continued her experiments with transmogrification. This layout eventually produced

A Soulpeace cut into the Large Spire Cut - worth well over 300,000.

"That will have pride of place in my Academy."

This was carefully put away, fortunately, by the time the burglar arrived.

"Ahh! I heard there was riches here!"

Helped himself to a Titanium bar from the transmogrification bench.

The gemcutting bench and two bathtubs.

"I can always sell bathtubs."

"No! Not my crystal skull!"

It was pure farce.

The policewoman eventually arrived.

"We kept him here for you."

The policewoman trounced the burglar.

Told him to take her umbrella and meet her by her car. Which was at the other side of the ocean.

Credits and Other Immigrants

Enrique has a small house close to T'Resa's. He was made by Sandy of ATS and is also available from The Sims Daily.

Reese Manby moved in with T'Resa. I made Reese, and he will be available for download here.

Aidan Crawford, Boyd Danon and Cain Evans moved in. They were all made by AdamSpooky at GOS)

And the Craigs, Lucy and Paul, who changed their name to Tor. They both started to work at the hospital. They were made by LauraBCN at The Sims Daily

Coconut Island itself is by Prof Plumbob at MATY and available here,

The island was badly affected by climate change. T'Resa, and some of the other Sims there, moved to London. her hubby and babies were sadly lost in the floods.