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Bars of a playable Mummy.

Summon a Mummy

A bug

Become a Mummy

Alternatively, with Supernatural, Sims can mix or buy the Bottled Mummy's Curse to turn either themselves or another Sim into a mummy.

To Become a "Normal" Sim again




And they do really die.



In Tombs

Mummy's Curse

Remedies for the Mummy's Curse

There are eight ways to lift this curse:

  1. The Sim must plead with the sphinx in Al Simhara, explore it completely, and use the "cleanse" interaction on a special statue.
  2. Rebuild both King's Sarcophagi - Blessed and Cursed, sleep in the Cursed Sarcophagus first (turning the Sim into a mummy) and then in the Blessed Sarcophagus. This can be done in the Sim's home.
  3. Kiss a King Cobra: buy a Snake Charming Basket from the general goods merchant in Al Simhara. Practice with the basket until the option to buy a cobra for $1,000 Simoleons comes up. Buy it, then keep practicing until your Sim is able to kiss the cobra. This will remove the curse and give your Sim a positive moodlet instead. Since the basket is portable, this is a great option.
  4. Make the Sim meditate. This makes the curse vanish in a few hours.
  5. With Ambitions, use a time machine and travel to the past. If you're lucky a message will say "<Sim> was deep in the past and accidentally got the inventor in trouble with the pharaoh of Egypt! He was fired and mummies were never invented. <Sim> is cured!"
  6. With Supernatural, have a Witch cast a Sunlight Charm. This will remove the curse due to the negative mood drop.
  7. With Pets, befriend a unicorn and have it bless your sim to remove the curse.
  8. The Great Sphinx
    This is my favored way of removing the curse. Shortly after being cursed, if you have no other opportunities in Egypt, you'll get an adventure called Cursed!. While you don't have to do the adventure to gain entry to the Sphinx, you can turn it into a nice way to earn some extra VISA points. Not only are you treated to an impressive visual display by the Great Sphinx, you'll also unlock a good place to come back and collect tons of gems later. Inside the Sphinx, the puzzles aren't too hard. You'll work your way down, through a lower level, then back up where you can ascend to the soulpeace chambers. Once there, you can have your Sim seek cleansing by clicking the statue. A little ritual will occur, where your Sim meditates and hovers in midair. Then, in a burst of energy and a transference of power from the Soulpeace, your Sim's curse is lifted. Be sure to check behind the Soulpeace Statue for a hidden room where you'll frequently find Soulpeace Gems.
  9. Get the Moodlet Manager lifetime happiness reward and click the mummy's curse moodlet.


After 14 Days


Other benefits

They have some topics to discuss that may or may not be fascinating to other Sims.

Existing Mummies


Mummies can, in spite or rumours to the contrary

Use a Young Again Potion.

My playable Mummy, Umay, summoned from a Sarcophagus, was able to use a Young Again Potion and aged back to YA, still retaining her Mummy form and skin; with the true Mummy skin, there is a slight gap between the top of the wrappings and her head.

Sita July 16, 2019